The House of Ashelanar remains a small but influential seafaring house with operations across the eastern seaboard of Quel'thalas. For centuries, the Ashelanars not only provided a significant contribution to imported magic based resources, but also some of the kingdom's finest skilled swordsmen and women. Since the fall and the current head losing trade agreements, the house has fallen into the shadow of other larger coastal operations. The words of Undying Loyalty have been an important cornerstone to the integrity of the House since its founding 2,000 years ago. An Ashelanar never breaks a promise.

Current State of Affairs Edit

Stoneton Port continues to be the seat of the Sanguine Coast, a busy town centered on trade and excursion. While Lord Laedron Ashelanar has since stepped down from filling business roles in lieu of his remaining daughter taking charge of operations, the House continues to be deeply involved with the acquisition of rare artifacts and has since forged a strong partnership with the Silvermoon Reliquary.

Historical Documentation Edit


The Split Edit


Notable Members Edit

High Court Edit

Laedron Ashelanar (Current Leader, Father of Selea & Xelda)

Dedriah Ashelanar (Former Matriarch, Mother of Selea & Xelda, Deceased)

Denounced Nobility but Related Edit

Xelda Ashelanar (disowned daughter, Keeper of the Cove)

Magnus Ashelanar (Son of Xelda)

Kironea Ashelanar (Wife of Magnus)

Selea Ashelanar Emberfell (disowned daughter, deceased)

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