Highsun Theatre
Highsun Theatre


National Theatre


Silvermoon City, Upper Terrace




Theatre, Concerts, Dance, Spell-dance



The Highsun Theatre is a national theatre located in Silvermoon City on the upper terrace behind the Sunfury Spire. One of the oldest theatres in Quel'thalas, it boasts the greatest performances in the northern kingdoms.


Commissioned by one of the late High Kings of the Sunstrider Dynasty the Highsun Theatre was designed by one of the best architects known to Quel'Thalas. It was run by a lesser noble house, a family of "theatre fanatics", who continue to run it to this day.


For thousands of years the Highsun Theatre has offered the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas and its allies breathtaking performances from classic theatre to concerts and dance, and the more desired spell-dance (a quel'dorei culmination of all the arts).

From spring through autumn the Highsun Theatre schedules regular concerts, dance and spell-dance performances for the public. Plays are typically elaborately written performances reserved for the winter season with a genre range from drama to comedy.


Due to popularity the Highsun Theatre admission fees are often too expensive for lower class citizens to purchase. For this reason the theatre is viewed, by the general public, as a performing center dedicated to catering to the tastes of the upper class and the noble houses of Quel'Thalas.  

Technical InformationEdit

The inside of the threatre is constructed of hard but elegant ashwood with the auditorium laid out in the traditional circular shape. Nine levels of boxes characterize the design of the facility and has been restored many times over the ages. It seats over 1,000, including 552 in the stalls and witih 60 boxes on seven levels of seating an additional 610.  

The theatre's acoustics are regarded as being excellent. 

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