The High Kraken, is the moniker title of the leader of the Cult of the Bloodied Squall, a grim and dark religion found within the Emberlight's Dawnbreaker Anchorage. High Krakens are chosen by the Captain's Moot, a congregation of all captains of Dawnbreaker Anchorage, after the death of the previous leader of the cult. While the title is normally hereditary, it is not beholden to a singular line of succession. The current High Kraken, Leoc Blacksquall, was the brother of the previous religious head, Baldur Blacksquall. Baldur's son, Vyseris Blacksquall challenged his uncle Leoc for the title in combat, in which Leoc disemboweled his nephew in the duel. The past several High Krakens are all members of the noble House of Blacksquall.

In political senses, the position of High Kraken also gives the holder dominion over Dawnbreaker Anchorage and her fleet. This rank is bestowed the title of Esarthis and is a vassal of the Mari'thur of the Emberlight, which is currently the House of Netherstar.

While the title hold religious command over all aspects of the religion, its actual title will change dependent on the aspect of Drakos the leader takes. For those who revel in the destruction of the the world, Kraken is suitable, while Keeper may be used when referring to an adherent of the Aspect of the Shoal. Those who lead towards a grander purpose are often known as High Levithan, but given their often lofty aspirations and tendencies towards philosophical pursuits over action, the Captain's Moot rarely chooses one.

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