• Bloodberries?
  • Lynx meat. Other game meats?
  • Sagefish.
  • Forsaken influence in the Ghostlands.
  • Dalaran influence?
  • Magic the hell out of the ingredients!

Drinking CultureEdit

  • Port.
  • Fine wines of various types, including sparkling.

Rationales and DisclaimersEdit

  • Yes, blood elves are in here. They aren't culturally divergent enough to go elsewhere. If this offends any of the Blood Elf audience, feel free to create an article for them.
  • Yeah, we know very, very little about Blood Elf food. If and when I write the full text for this article, 95% of it will be fanon.
  • Elf food may or may not be lighter fare, depending on if Kael's innuendo had any basis in reality.