Have Violent Ends Edit

A. Bitterale's These Violent Delights left off with Verenis Derlyn grievously wounded and plotting horrible vengeance on his betrayers.

Having made his way back to Silvermoon Verenis Derlyn is arrested in the chaos of a riot and hauled off to jail. On the wrong side of the law, Verenis has no hopes of release -- until a seductive female Magister makes Verenis an offer he can't refuse: Avoid jail time in the Magister's hold by taking on a special assignment and infiltrating dangerous assassin terrorist cell in the Ghostlands. Within mere hours Verenis is thrust into the nightmarish world of madmen known for their distinctive torture, revenge, and methods of killing -- all while trying to hide his true identity. Coming face-to-face with murder, deceit, and lustful desire in all the wrong places, Verenis knows that in order to get out alive and extract his vengeance he must kill... or be killed.

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