The Gilded Lands
The Realm of Eternal Sunset

Capital City

Astoria Shen'drin

Largest City

Astoria Shen'drin





Noble Houses

House of Thelryn
House of Duskwither




Rolling Foothills

Economic Status


The ancestral seat of House Thelryn rests in the long shadows of eternal sunset. As the latent magic in the realm warped leaves from veridian to crimson, so too was land that is presently called Goldenshade. Some suggest that the low haze of the sun is simply the result of altitude and a thick expanse of forest separating the grounds from civilization. Others vehemently believe the land was enchanted so to appease the lady love of Rordryan the Sorceror.

Settlements Edit

Astoria Shen'drin is the largest urban center in the lands governed by Thelryn family. Its central promenade attracts many visitors from other regions within Quel'Thalas, with the emphasis upon the arts, culture, and wine. The life of Shen'drin, as it is colloquially known, is one of quality and leisure. The artisan industry thrives in this town with a population devoted to creating and selling only the finest of wares. Most of its income is generated by tourists and a handful of merchant guilds with monopolies on hot commodities. The architecture resembles most Thalassian design, with open-air courtyards and marble towers.

Delanar is the industrial center of the gilded lands. It is situated in the heart of the Goldenshade, nestled into the foothills of the Thalassian mountains. Although the source of House Thelryn's immense wealth has always been shrouded in mystery, some suggest that Delanar is far more lucrative than it is portrayed to be. Visitors who pass through on their way to Astoria Shen'drin might not give this humble settlement a second thought. Only a few buildings mark its urban center, most of which are the dwellings of miners and lumberers. Its population dwells truly in the mountains, where great mines have been tunneled for the precious metals and gems within. 

Shadara began simply as a garrison for the soldiers of House Thelryn. However, in the wake of the Esarthin's commitment to the Sunguard and pending marriage to Izulde Netherstar, its population has veritably boomed. Owing to the surplus of soldiers, small cottages and businesses have been sprouting up in the vicinity.  

Laevelli is a border town on the Northern outskirts of the territory. Close in proximity to the seat of the ruling aristocrats, its inhabitants are often employed among the household staff. Its open architecture and construction invites passing visitors. The local tavern Wild Swan is rumored to be the spot to enjoy a cold brew and tender lynx steak.  

Belore's Bounty is an expansive region of fertile land used for farming and pasture. It is easily accessible via the high road from Astoria Shen'drin. A small farming community has lived in the area for centuries.   

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