The Ghostflayer Tribe is a series of lesser families and outcasts from other tribes of Amani Trolls. They are generally seen as untrustworthy, dubious, and ungodly. The Ghostflayers reject the connection of any loa, and in the events leading up to the Invasion of the Emberlight, they sacrificed a serpent shaped loa which resided in The Bleeding Ziggurat. This action increased the naturally fast regeneration rates of the amani trolls to make them almost completely impervious to harm. They were extensively used by the Zandalari Warband to subvert and subdue other greater tribes of trolls.

The Ghostflayer Tribe lives primarily within the Diremoor, a massive marshland in the northeast fringes of Zul Aman. They are responsible with the collection of the dangerous toxin of Nightshade, which they coat their arrows, axes, and spears.

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