Type: Spiny Florette
Location: Frostfire Ridge, Shadowmoon Valley, possibly Gorgrond as well.
Environment: Found close to volcanic areas or steam vents; anywhere of intense and consistent heat. 
Medical Uses: 

  • Stimulant; the seeds can be used to heighten senses when dried
    • (Although its effects in high doses is unknown it is discouraged given the potential damage it could inflict on the body and mind of the user.)
  • Anticoagulant; Keeps blood running freely, went the sap is salved over an injury. 
  • Increases body temperature when ingested.
  • Can induce vomiting when eaten raw.
  • Heating agent; untreated, if used to line material with it will retain heat for two hours in freezing conditions (untested if longer in warmer environments). If dehydrated, can be used in a poultice for heat as well, lasts an hour in this state.

Recreational Uses (if any): 

  • Food spicing; when boiled and powdered.
  • Dares; some Frostwolf youth play games of valor where whoever can suck on a raw thorn the longest is considered the winner (unsure if recreational or simply inane).

Compounds Created (if any):
Flower Meaning: 
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