Felonarias Ravenbough
Felonarias by hearthehowling
Art by Hear the Howling



Place of Birth


Noble House

House Ravenbough

Military Titles

Knight of the Silver Hand (Former)
Champion of the Light


Lord of Highperch


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
House of Ravenbough
House of Truefeather

Known Family

Sev'ranesh Ravenbough
Var'thalan Ravenbough
Cam'naris Ravenbough
Vytharon Ravenbough


Lawful Good


Adult, somewhere in his 600's



Felonarias Ravenbough, Champion of the Light and one of few Lords of the Dawnspire, stands tall even among his kin. A rigid frame lined with corded muscles put together a man that's been wearing a suit of plate armor for centuries now.

Long hair, now stained by age, remains tied tight in a ponytail against his back. Greying brows and sideburns frame a face weathered by time, ending in a well-trimmed goatee that rests against a strong chin. Despite claiming that he remains loyal to the Light more than anything else, make no mistake: he is Sin'dorei, and the fel in his eyes tell of a past that many comrades have shared.

More often than not the Lord is fitted in plate trappings, well-tailored to his form and pristine in nature. He does not look the weathered warrior he's considered by some, but a statuesque example of the Sin'dorei nobility.

Felonarias by froo

Both a shortsword and tome sit attached at his hips, and an ornate shield sits strapped against his back. The classic weaponry of his kind all frame the tabard of blue and silver that wraps snug around his upper-half, depicting his former allegiance to the order of lightwielders he was once quite loyal to. After such a great loss just a few short years ago, Lord Ravenbough now remains loyal to his people first and foremost.

A handsome man by most standards, he is quick to smile; it makes for a harsh frown, when the occasion calls for such.

Brief History Edit

Lord Felonarias Ravenbough has always been a man of the people. It is both a great strength, and arguably one of his biggest flaws. Adored by those close to him, his friendly nature is often forgotten due to long periods of absence. Some consider him a recluse, but the Dawnspire Lord only seeks to work from within and strengthen his people once more - and that involves building a foundation that was destroyed by the Scourge.

A strong man with a mind for business, Felonarias has always been keen on making a profit while being good to those that support him. Long have House Ravenbough been in the business of supplying nobility and military alike with quality thalassian thoroughbreds, known for their agility and spirit on the field of battle. Quality destriers are a commodity hard to come by, and Felonarias' people had long cornered the market - at least within the Dawnspire. Long has the business brought his name great prosperity, but built what military strength he has through a strong knowledge of mounted combat.

The fall of Quel'Thalas saw a great deal of Felonarias' stock destroyed, along with many of his kin - including his second wife, Soranyah Ravenbough. Felonarias, a resilient man and a devout follower of the Light, fought and scraped for the well-being of his land and his people. While one facet of their business began to suffer, another began to rise.

As a supplement to their industry, a healthy contingent of leatherworkers and tanners craft and trade their goods to a land in consistent need of saddles, armor, and medical supplies. The rangers of Oakhall are chief beneficiaries of this boon, which in no small way strengthens the bond between them. Slowly but surely has the Ravenbough name become relevant once more, due in part to Felonarias' perseverance.

Long have Felonarias and his people looked inward, attempting to repair what once seemed irreparable. Despite now being in what some might consider his twilight years, the indomitable spirit within Felonarias Ravenbough yearns to return to the field of battle once more. Pledging himself to the Archon Felthier Truefeather, he hopes to stand beside his son, Sev'ranesh, and once more fight whatever seeks to threaten Quel'Thalas.

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