Feainne Sunblossom
Feainne Portrait (resized)


Blood Elf




Trauma mender


The Sunguard
The Dalaran Medics' Association


Chaotic good



Overview Edit

Feainne is a mender specializing in trauma and current Dawnmender initiate of the Sunguard. She's sharp, dignified, and sharp-tongued, but good at heart and always striving to get the job done.

Personality Edit

Feainne is quiet, proud, and dignified in her demeanor. She doesn't tend to smile and her face is more commonly stony and solemn. Her voice, however, is not so; rather it is even and thoughtful. At times, her angular facial features and sharp, intense gaze lend her the appearance of a bird of prey. 

She is kind at heart but is prone to stress and her own negative thoughts. Her wit is scathing and she sometimes forgets how it may sound to those who don’t know her. She also, sometimes, doesn’t care what it sounds like. Despite her exterior sharpness, she rarely has malicious intent with her words.

Her mind moves very rapidly and she is always thinking. Overthinking, sometimes. Because she’s often inside her own head, her outward appearance can be aloof and cold. Over the years she’s become aware of this fact and is self-conscious of it, but can never seem to control it for very long.

In times of crisis, especially those involving a patient, Feainne handles herself very well. She is cool-headed, sharp-tongued, and hard to surprise. While decades of study prepared her in terms of knowledge, her own creativity, focus, and rapid mind prepare her for changing, high-pressure situations. To her, stress is power.

She sometimes has trouble putting her feelings into words, or even acknowledging how she feels. Dignified and mature though she is, she can be taken aback by strong emotions from herself or from others. A mentor once told her that the hardest challenge she’d face would be that of healing the mind. Whether it’s her own or a patient’s, Feainne does not know. 

Physical Description Edit

Feainne possesses a slim and angular frame, standing at a tall 5'9''. Her honey-blonde hair is normally fastened up in a bun, the loose ends tucked behind her ears to frame her face. Her hair has a natural wave to it and though it's naturally healthy, she doesn't do much else with it. Her face is carved with rather sharp features, but her golden hair and the freckles that kiss at her cheekbones soften her appearance.

She's most often seen wearing earthy tones, especially deep to olive green. Though she tries not to waste time with fashion choices, she does have a very particular taste: elegance, tactfulness, and anything that tends to make her look more severe (though she is not aware of this).

History Edit

Feainne was always an academic-minded woman. Ever since she was a child, she’d been driven, ambitious, and goal-oriented. She left home at an early age to pursue the study of healing arts and medicine in Dalaran. She was furious at the Horde’s expulsion from the magical city, being very flippant of politics. She values knowledge very highly, and as such values the opinions and input of all races and factions in the academic sphere.

Her magical healing technique has evolved into a personal style of her own. While its source can be traced to the Light, Feainne does not pray or call upon it the way many priests do. She instead draws precious little energy and directs it in a very precise manner in order to fulfill specific tasks. For example, her extensive study of anatomy allows her to mend wounds of all kinds by knitting each bit of tissue together with the aid of magic. In contrast to other uses of the Light, she has trained herself to use it as a tool, rather than to be a tool of the Light herself.

However, since Light usage requires a certain devotion, Feainne occasionally strengthens her connection to it through song. Her voice, though seldom heard in this way, is beautiful and strong. She possesses a natural melody and a honeyed tone. Since she rarely allows herself to sing before others; as a private and skeptical person, the baring nature of this act appears to ignite the passion necessary for the Light to be stronger. Feainne is not fully aware of the extent of this ability yet.

For a time, Feainne studied among mistweaver monks in Pandaria after falling in love with their cerebral approach to channeling healing magics. Though she does not consider herself a martial artist, she has picked up on a few techniques to protect herself in a pinch.

She currently resides in Dalaran as a Dawnmender initiate of the Sunguard.  

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