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A relatively small but prosperous estate, the Fairbreeze Coast is the seat of the current House Fairlight. A coastal estate residing on the northwest shore of Sunstrider Isle, it is known for its amazing works of the arcane -- including the creation of the Cove's pure coral port, as well as the trading mechanisms that enable the Cove to transport goods up the steep cliff side. Verdant and lush, the deep forests of the internal parts of the estate end with steep cliffs that drop down to small but beautiful beaches below. Because the deep forest is frequently impassable, the Fairbreeze Coast operates primarily from the water, with precious trade routes to other northern estates kept closely guarded. As such, the estate is known not only for its prosperous northern trade, but also for its strong naval forces.

History Edit

Given to a minor House upon the founding of Quel'thalas, the previous matriarch of the Coast quickly realized that she would be unable to completely cultivate the dense forests of the land itself. Instead, the First Matriarch chose to enlist the help of several mages to create a seaside port made entirely of living coral, held aloft by powerful magic. Fairbreeze was built as a dual testament: to the sea, from which the high elves had come, and to the power of the arcane, through which all of the impossible was made manifest.

Over time, trade routes between the Coast and its northern neighbors were created via closely guarded land routes. Many of the roads throughout the estate are traversed only by locals and those who know the secret to navigating the dark woods and hills. However, within the dark recesses of the hillsides many natural veins of marble occur. The First Matriarch - and those women following her - used this to their benefit, creating a large trade with the mainland. In addition, the Cove specializes in importing and exporting rare items from other lands, disseminating them throughout Quel'thalas by magical and naval transport. There is also a strong focus on fishing and other naval recreation, including military maneuvers.


Although the former Lady Fairlight and her husband squandered many of the resources of the estate during her reign, the current Lady of the Cove has brought it back to prosperity, opening new trade routes to both coastal island estates and even to remote locations, such as Pandaria and Northrend. In addition, the Lady has brought new trade: supplies of magical artifacts, precious fabrics and rare creations to sell to the wealthy throughout the Kingdom. Because of the Lady of the Cove and her sister's dedication, the Fairbreeze Coast has flourished even past its former glory, making it a valuable ally.

Settlements Edit

Fairbreeze Cove Edit

The capital city and largest settlement of the Fairbreeze Coast, the Fairbreeze Cove stands as the seat of


The Fairbreeze Cove is a large city off the coast of Sunstrider Isle, home to several thousand people from across the Horde nations. Art by Isharton @ tumblr.

power for the estate, which encompasses the Cove itself along with a few miles around the edge of the city. The Cove is home to the legendary Coral Harbor, a powerful work of arcane magic that allows the natural cove to operate as a full port. The city itself is carved into and extends from the stone of the cliff itself -- only the wealthy live at the top of the cliffs, with all others quickly learning to navigate the cool, marbled staircases of the Cove. To transport both people and items from the port below to the trade routes and magical portals above, the Cove operates a magical elevator system, providing the infirm and elderly a means to continue to live within the city itself.

The Cove sees many tourists come by sea, primarily on their way to other northern residences -- the Cove is home to both plentiful markets and luxurious inns, and also the seedier establishments for sailors and the pirates that lurk among them: brothels, gambling dens and inns of questionable repute litter the establishments, making it entertaining for all types of people who pass through its port. Along with its outstanding import and export services, the Cove is the Estate's primary distributor of marble, with quarries sending their goods through these ports exclusively.

Above the Cove stands the Siren's Lighthouse, the current seat of power of the Fairbreeze Coast. Both an expansive residency for the current Lady of the Cove as well as a lighthouse, the Lady's house is said to bring call sailors home from sea, and is a symbol of prosperity and safety for the residents of the city below and about. The lighthouse functions in all weather and is only extinguished at the death of the current Lady; it is lit again when the succession passes onward.

At night, the brilliance of the lighthouse combined with the arcane shimmer of both the Coral Harbor and the elevator system make the Cove visible from the sea -- and for several miles up and down shore.

Houses are built directly into the cliff's face, allowing for natural protection and a cool respite from the often humid temperatures of the Cove itself.

Faircoast Edit

A series of smaller coastal towns south of Fairbreeze Cove, these interconnected cities provide the bulk of the estate's fishing trade. Faircoast is the former home of House Ashwind, whose House died out due to lack of heirs several hundred years prior. In its place, the people of the Faircoast created an electorate: headed by an elected official, who reports to the Lady of the Cove, the Faircoast handles all trade with local and commercial fisherman. This set of cities provides fresh seafood for landlocked estates along the Sunstrider Isle, making it a prosperous, if slightly less ostentatious, harbor for trade. Many major trade routes begin at the Faircoast, making it a well-traveled location for merchants.

Lazuli Edit

The southernmost point of the estate, Lazuli is home to the only natural beaches -- created by nature, without the aid of the arcane. However, the shores of Lazuli are said to be haunted: shipwrecks line the shores, most of them unexplored to this day. It is said that those who displease the Lady of the Cove come to their final resting place in this treacherous maze of broken ships, making the natural beauty of the beach pale in comparison to its horror story (and making it popular to only the bravest of tourists). The small town that resides off of the shore here is primarily rural, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Faircoast Municipality.

The Sun's Seed Edit

Although the dense hills, forests, and small swamps of the inland portion of the Fairbreeze Coast are generally uninhabited, a few towns of tough origin have sprung up along trade routes to other northern estates. These towns oversee the quarrying and shipment of marble to the Cove. In addition, they provide checkpoints for trade shipments headed inland, allowing for extra security from bandits, which are rumored to live within the deep woods, and any threats from neighboring lands. However, only the residents of The Seed truly know all of its secrets; the paths appear to change every few years - whether by design of those who live there or because the trees simply decide to change position is anyone's guess. Only the lifelong, hardy residents seem to understand the workings of the forests and caves therein, creating a small but fierce set of commoners who take their jobs as the Lady's only inland militia very seriously.

In the center of the Sun's Seed stands a disused castle - formerly a holding of a lesser Fairlight sibling, it stands empty to this day as a vacant seat of power. It is, perhaps, unable to be salvaged from the ravages of the forest -- currently, the small holding seems more tree than building, a massive trunk growing through the spire, splitting wide into the sky above.

Superstitions Edit

As a primarily coastal estate, the Fairbreeze Coast is abound with superstitions. Many of them have sprung from the lively minds of the sailors and fishermen who consistently traverse the estate and its friendly waters. However, many of them are true, shrouded in the mystery of past events in the Lady of the Cove's past.

The Creation of the Cove Edit

It is rumored that the Cove was created when the First Matriarch, seeing weakness in the soul of her first-born son, sacrificed his life, using his life energies to give her the power to raise the Coral Harbor. Every season, the Harbor's magic is renewed using blood magic rituals designed to emulate those of the First. It is rumored that during storms, those standing on the Coral Harbor can hear the dying cries of the sacrificed son, making it an ill omen to go out during bad weather.

Today, the Lady of the Cove performs the Harbor's rituals with no murder -- the only bloodshed allowed is her own. However, the existence of blood magic keeping the entire city running is not contested. In fact, the citizens often seem strangely proud of this fact, and openly admit it when questioned.

The Lighthouse Edit

The Lady of the Cove's seat of power is named the Siren's Lighthouse, due to the superstition that the Lady herself is in fact a sea witch, calling in lonely and homesick sailors to her shores. Every matriarch of the Fairbreeze Coast selects a pirate-consort, who becomes the representative of the sailors who live and work within its harbor, presenting matters of importance to her attention.

This superstition is so important to the residents of the estate that a matriarchy has been the standard since the First Matriarch sacrificed her only son to the magics of the Cove. Although the late Lady Fairlight, Eldriana and Allegra's mother, attempted to abolish the superstition and legally create a patriarchy in its place, the plan did not follow through. Due to their tragic deaths during the Third War, the residents of the Coast saw the attempt as just desserts from the spirits that linger over the shores, and were terrified of having another attempt at a patriarchy established in the land. The current Lady of the Cove officially established a legal Matriarchy, providing that the Coast must pass to the first-born daughter of the current Lady -- and if there were no heirs, to the first female relative still living -- and putting fears of the Siren's displeasure to rest.

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