Dawnward Eyline Sunforge
Art by burdwow





Place of Birth

Tranquillien, Eversong


Dawnward of the Sunguard
Lady of House Sunforge
Captain of the Wildwood Rangers


Owner of Dawnforge Shipping


The Sunguard
House Sunforge
The Horde




Rynella Sunforge (Wife)
Talyn Dawnforge(Father)Deceased
Serah Dawnforge(Mother)Deceased
Rastirah Dawnforge(Sister)
Novaera Dawnforge(Sister)


Chaotic Good


Blood Elf

"Be polite. Be professional. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

Eyline Sunforge is a veteran sniper and Pathfinder of the Sunguard. Born and raised in the southern region of Eversong, she served as a Farstrider for decades before the death of her twin sister Rastirah led to her sidetracking her career to take care of her fel-addicted sister Novaera. Following Nova's recovery, she transferred from the Farstriders to the Sunguard, rising to the rank of Dawnward.

Two years ago, she claimed legitimate title and re-enfranchised her formerly defunct House, and currently serves as matriarch of House Dawnforge, in addition to her ownership of a small shipping business operating out of Port Silvermoon and serving as the captain of the Oakvale's Wildwood Rangers.

Most recently, she married her longtime partner Rynella Sunspire and they merged their houses and resources, reforming their holdings into House Sunforge, with its seat in the Oakvale.

Description Edit

Eyline is on the upper end of average height for a Sin'dorei woman. She's fit, with the body you'd expect from someone who climbs around in trees and draws a longbow for a living - strong, lithe and agile. She moves with a sort of unconscious, practiced grace, as if each footfall was carefully selected before she took it. Defensive mechanism against stray branches, probably.

She has a mop of long, shaggy blonde hair generally to be found swept back into a ponytail clasped with the gold-and-turquoise of House Dawnforge. Her features are striking, the delicate bone structure and pale skin of high elven nobility coupled with an athletic soldier's frame to create a bit of a strange contrast. Her eyes have retained just enough of a tinge of their former blue to leave them a lively shade of kelly green.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Eyline grew up in a small family estate outside Tranquillien in Southern Eversong, the barely-eldest daughter of a set of identical twins and thus the heiress to House Dawnforge, a small non-landed merchant house specializing in shipping services.

Her childhood was somewhat lacking, the Dawnforges' status as new money leading her father Talyn to attempt to force both Eyline and the free-spirited Rastirah to act like proper nobles by his own definition, which was that anything they could pay to have done he didn't want either of his daughters taking part in. Eyline's teenage rebellions largely took the form of quietly doing as many of those things as she could, such as learning to sail from the crews of the family's ships down on the Sunsail Anchorage docks and the art of gourmet cooking from their estate chef. Her mother, a Farstrider from the prominent House Azurebrook in Silvermoon, instilled a love of the outdoors in her daughters at an early age, something that the young Eyline took to heart more than her twin.

At the same time, she learned a significant number of skills that would be useful in the future from her father's hired tutors, taking classes in court subterfuge, etiquette, accounting, and business management starting almost as soon as she could walk and hold a pen.

Military Career Edit

At the age of 51, she overheard her father discussing plans to marry her off to the son of a Dawnforge Shipping client. While up to that point she'd largely rebelled through quiet means, that was the final straw, and she promptly informed her father of her intention to enlist in the Ranger Corps. He countered with his intention to disown her, and although Serah eventually talked him out of it, he did refuse to allow contact with her sisters for several years.

She served with distinction as a ranger and was selected for Farstrider training, cross-training in melee combat and as a designated marksman. Her long-term assignment was to a southern lodge near Thelsamar outside Dun Morogh, where she was stationed for several decades. During this time she both became extremely close to her partner Althrisia Brightstar, and developed a rapport with the dwarves and humans living in the area that she maintains to this day, making it extremely difficult for her to truly view the Alliance as an enemy.

When the Second War broke out, Eyline's entire unit was recalled to assist in driving the Horde out of Quel'thalas. She was engaged to Althrisia shortly before the war broke out, the two of them fighting together as a unit for most of the conflict until, shortly before the Horde's ultimate defeat in the region, her fiancee was killed by one of the Horde's dragonriders.

The Fall of Quel'thalas Edit

She stubbornly continued her military service through the Fall of Quel'thalas, where her unit escorted Kael'thas up the Dead Scar and to Silvermoon from the border with Lordaeron, and subsequently aided in the liberation of what remained of Silvermoon from the Scourge stragglers left behind after Arthas's incursion. During that time, her younger sister Novaera lost her ability to touch the Light and lost herself to fel addiction, requiring the constant care of one of her elder sisters. Eyline and Rastirah traded off, taking care of her as best they could for several difficult years until Rastirah's death at Quel'danas during the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Now unable to take remote assignments as a result of needing to take care of Nova, Eyline resigned her field commission and took an assignment training new Farstrider candidates, residing in Farstrider Square for several years until, eventually, Nova recovered enough to go do her own thing - she signed up for monk training and moved to Pandaria, leaving Eyline at loose ends for the first time in a long time. Unsure of what to do, she happened to stumble across a recruiting flier posted in Farstrider Square, and subsequently enlisted in the Sunguard.

Personality Edit

Eyline's displayed personality tends toward friendly, boisterous and blithely confident, with a natural talent at showing people exactly what she thinks will get the best short-term response out of them - although those who manage to actually get close to her can expect to discover that that's just how she acts to throw people off so they don't get too close. She's capable of being very sweet, kind and generous, but also has an aggressive temper that tends to flare when her emotions are challenged and/or she feels like someone she counts as a friend is abandoning her.

She suffers from severe post-traumatic stress stemming from experiences during the Fall, which tends to manifest in the form of intense nightmares.

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