Exarius Blazewing







Noble House(s)

Paternal: Blazewing (bastard)

Political Titles


Military Titles



Acquisitions Professional


Aethos Blazewing (father)

Velyss Blazewing (mother)

Selori Blazewing (half-sister; alive)

Evaniel Evenflare (cousin; alive)

Llyth Dawnwhisper (cousin; alive)

Vaelrin Firestorm (cousin; alive)


Ex was a man of middling years, height, and build, who's weatherworn face was creased with laughter and good cheer over the span of what may very well have been centuries. Though he was a lighthearted sort, the evidence of a lifetime of conflict was shown in a nicked ear and a scar that ran up his dirty neck, just slipping over the edge of a sharp jaw lined in golden scruff. His beard ended in an oiled point at the tip of a handsome chin, brother to a cropped soulpatch just under his lazily grinning lips.
Both long, ragged ears were pierced in the lobes with large golden hoops.

He moved languidly, lazily, exuding an air of relaxation and ease, and often smelled of tobacco or alcohol. Probably both.


Exarius is an old dog who strives never to become complacent in learning new tricks. If he were to be described as an onion (or a parfait, ain't nobody hate no parfait), then at his core, he is lonely, neglected, desperately wishing to be happy, and for a friend.
He is bitter at his abandonment, bitter about what he has had to do to survive over the years, and bitter that his friends are now all nothing more than unmarked graves. He masks this bitterness with a cheerful and upbeat attitude as best he can, and liberally applies humour even in the most dire of circumstances. Usually at his own expense. Exarius is a shameless flirt, especially to the women he meets, though he always tries (tries being the operative word) to remain respectful.


Exarius was born into House Blazewing--so his mother thought. Aethos Blazewing, the man that would be Exarius’ father, fell in love with a common woman, Velyss Hawkfire. Promising the wealth of his house and the world to Velyss, Aethos sired a child by her--Exarius.
But Aethos’ family soon found out about his ‘little romp’ with Velyss.
A marriage never took place, and when the boy was a scant fifteen, his birth mother was shunted off as nothing more than a common whore. Pregnant with a second child sired by Aethos, Velyss was left alone to raise her children by herself.
Aethos married a noblewoman and forsook his former 'wife.'

Angry at his father for abandoning them, Exarius grew up a troubled boy.
Blazewing blood is strong with the arcane gifts, and Exarius exhibited traits that would have had a wealthier or more fortunate boy formally trained to be a magister. Instead, a rebellious young Exarius bent his talents to getting himself into trouble.
Already living a stone’s throw from what would become Murder Row, Exarius fell in with a rough crowd, and began what would become an intimate relationship with the criminal underside of Silvermoon.

Meanwhile, Velyss struggled with meagre wages as a pregnant single mother, often paying exorbitant amounts of her pay to keep her boy out of real trouble. The family struggled, and Exarius often stormed out of the house after shouting matches to sleep on the streets.
His mother miscarried her second child, and she fell into a deep depression. After finding his mother had lost her job, Exarius was forced to find ways of earning money.

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Chaotic Neutral (Type 4

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Sean Patrick Flanery

Voice Reference

George Clooney

He began stealing to keep them fed and warm, and quickly fell in with the organized crime in Silvermoon.
Exarius found the threat of being caught thrilling as he graduated from pickpocketing to cracking safes to larger, more elaborate heists, and what’s more, he found he was good at it. The act of stealing was like a drug to him--the only one he needed.
His mother was well taken care of, not only by the money her son made as a thief, but by gang protection as he made their bosses wealthier.
It was not enough to stop her from becoming gravely ill.

And then the scourge attacked.
Exarius was on the other side of the city when the wards fell, but he was able to slip mostly undetected past the invading undead to try and save his aging, ailing mother.
He was too late.
The rogue fled the city with only what was on his back.

In the following years, Exarius worked as a mercenary in and around the Alliance. He specialized in infiltration, espionage, and item retrieval.
Though he had never had a problem with drink or substance, after the sacking of Silvermoon, Exarius hit the drink, thistle, and whatever else he could get his hands on, hard. His work ethic struggled in such a way that eventually, Exarius could find no one willing to trust him to do his job competently. He had shown up for one too many jobs high as a kite, and it had coloured his reputation for the worse.
This made him drink even more, and on a particularily bad night, he was thrown in jail for public indecency and resisting arrest.

Exarius by sweetbrew

Drawn by

So it was that he found himself in the same cellblock as Prince Kael’thas on the night they were destined to break free and escape the city, to make for Outland.
Feeling he had run out of luck within the Alliance, Exarius followed them. ((WIP!))

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