By Raphael Lacoste


The Dawnspire


House of Rosewind




The Sunguard
House of Rosewind
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

To the northeastern reaches of the Dawnspire sits a place of unearthly beauty and splendor. Known as the Evergrove, this series of manses and romantic gardens trace grooves into the rolling hillside and oaken vales. It is a place of pleasure, culture, arts, and gallantry. The Evergrove serves as the seat of the noble House of Rosewind. It is a populous place, second only to the bustling city of Sundial Anchorage. The Evergrove is home to the finest of winemakers, craftsmen, and bards. All of Quel'Thalas knows of their lavish parties and the exclusivity of its guests.

The Dreaming Gardens Edit

House Rosewind makes its home within the extravagant halls and spires known as the Dreaming Gardens. The estate is a series of connected villas and hidden gardens locking in a maze of secrets and indulgences. The villas themselves are carved of sleek white marble, with sprawling vines reaching high on its ivory towers, and gilded fountains inlaid with a variety of gemstones punctuate the spread of the gardens.

Those permitted to live within the estate are almost exclusively the family of House Rosewind and minor retainers that see to the everyday. While those that visit might get the impression that hundreds of courtly nobles, knights, and mages dwell within its halls, they are merely guests whose welcome waxes and wanes upon their favor with the Blooms of the Evergrove. The lords and ladies of the Dreaming Gardens are fond of children, whose noble status is never a factor upon their invitation; a great deal of charity is given to those orphaned by the wars of Quel'Thalas.

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