"My life, my heart, my will, for the Lady of Winter."

Everagos, the High Consort


Blue Dragon (Elder)




Cryalgosa's Brood
The Awakened Mind


True Neutral



The dedicated and aloof father to Cryalgosa's brood, Everagos is a strange dragon whose fierce appearance belies the steadfast personality of the wyrm. Born of a blue dragon not of Malygos' line, he is equal parts monstrous and wild in appearance, spiked and flashing with deep indigo. A survivor of early experiments of Neltharion (having been captured in the War of the Ancients and escaping shortly after), he appears more like the saurians of Un'goro in some ways than a true dragon... though this would best not be mentioned to his face, or that of his Lady.

The steady right hand of Cryalgosa, he is beloved and in return adores his Lady; there have never been any others for the pair, since they have joined their lives, and though her status remains higher than his, some would call the dragons Truemates rather than Lady and consort.

Everagos protects the ley caves of the roost, as well as his clutches, with vigor and ruthlessness. He is particularly close to his son Sychorigos, and his daughters Sianigosa and Eyragosa.

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