An Esarthis (male) or Esarthin (female), is the thalassian equivalent to the title of Earl or Count. Esarthis is used in various noble status but generally, convey the ranking of an upper ranking noble or elevated holdings over a Vidiri. While not necessarily a hereditary title, the title can be passed on to living heirs of a family if so deemed. Esarthis generally is the title of a ruler of a particularly large town or a larger swath of land that holds many villages and hamlets. It is the most junior rank to guarantee a spot in the Thalassian Senate and the House of Nobles. Generally, Esarthis are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a contingent of soldiers and maintain a retinue of knights.

Their incomes generally provide means for a medium size castle or a large manse. If located within a city, a Esarthis can have a large hall, palace, or estate within the city itself. Esarthis also serve as adjudicators of their province, being the first rank of nobility to allow them to carry out the crown's justice without the aid of the magistrate.

Notable Esarthis Edit

Lord Leoc Blacksquall; Kraken Lord of Dawnbreaker Anchorage

Lady Azriah Thelryn; Lady of Goldenshade

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