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Enne of the Trees

Enne Treesinger is an Illidari and current Operant of the Cabal of the Dying Sun, lead by The Blackheart, Dread Commander Asteryn Truefeather, and Overseers Zanarian Felsunder and Kaltaia Rainwood. A nervous individual, Enne relies on Void and Shadow magics to fuel her fighting style rather than the sheer might and strength of many of her peers. Corrupted by the Nightmare at an early age, Enne struggles to maintain the balance of power between herself, the demon bound to her soul, and the whispers of the corruption lurking within her.

Appearance Edit

Tall and gangly, Enne does not make for an impressive sight, even with the long horns that curve from her skull and spectral sight. She is far too long-limbed to be particularly attractive, and too thin to be shapely. Her face is slightly gaunt, creating a total picture of a woman who's all angles, none of them good. None of her features lend to a particular prettiness, although her genuine smile is easy enough to obtain even so. She laughs and smiles often, particularly for other Illidari. Enne possesses little to no poker face; whatever she is feeling or thinking is easily written across her features.

Her hair is kept short, pinned firmly behind her ears and tucked securely into her hood. Despite her awkward nature, she appears to keep herself well-groomed -- but somehow, despite her cleanliness, never seems to shake the smell of both some sort of demonic creature, and the faintest hint of pine.

Good-natured for an Illidari, the tall woman seems to prefer listening to talking in most social situations. She is easily found as a wallflower to conversations, rather than an active participant. However, the bite of her cheek and the way Enne shifts from foot to foot when other people are speaking tends to imply that she has much to say -- simply no good way to say it.

Prior to the Third War Edit

Born in the Sun's Seed, a remarkably eerie bramble of forest in the southern half of the Fairbreeze Coast, Enne knew only remote village life for much of her childhood. The youngest of four children, Enne grew up in the shadows of her older siblings, all of whom took after their parents in the local tradition of Druidism. All three became talented Sun's Guardians, later personally serving the Lady Eldriana Fairlight in her Lighthouse home of the Fairbreeze Cove.

Enne, however much she desired that life herself, was not chosen to follow the druid's path beyond her natural affinity. After an accident that corrupted her magic with the essence of the Nightmare, Enne's family attempted to kill the small girl, eventually chasing her from her village into the woods to die. Resourceful from a life spent among its boughs, however, Enne refused to die in isolation, and eventually made her way to the coast, joining a local fishing community. It was there that she spent much of the Second and Third Wars, not quite fitting in -- but not ostracized either.

Outlands Edit

After the Third War rocked the state of Quel'thalas, Enne realized that her innate drive to help others meant that she could no longer pretend that she was content with the life of a fisherman. Enne escaped to Outlands with Kael'thas Sunstrider, and subsequently snuck into the offering of Sin'dorei made to Illidan Stormrage for Demon Hunter training.

Unimpressive in physical and martial skill, Enne was frequently told she was going to die during training, and then -- somehow, never did. After consuming the heart of a felstalker, Enne became a fully-fledged Illidari, awakening a powerful affinity for void and shadow magic in addition to the fel magic granted to her by the demon inside of her. She was fiercely devoted to the Illidari, going so far as to cull those who seemed immune or belligerent to their teachings -- including an attempt on one Avyernan Dawnbreaker's life. Fierce in battle but otherwise relatively nervous, Enne preferred avoiding combat unless absolutely necessary due to her lack of strength. To counter this, the woman began to breed felstalkers -- loyal to the Illidari, she quickly realized that they made perfect tools to even the playing field between her and larger, stronger opponents. Enne is rarely seen to this day without several of them roaming somewhere around her person.

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