Elistan Firesong, was a former lord of the noble House of Firesong, and former poltical rival to the Netherstars of Netherholde. During the Thalassian Civil War, Elistan used the chaos of Prince Kael'Thas to make his move and ursurp the Netherstars from their fortress. Using a powerful army drafted by mercenaries, Elistan was able to subdue the armies of the Emberlight and take command of the province. This forced the newly annoited Lord Paramount Izulde Netherstar into exile. Years later, Izulde had been granted clemency by the Regent-Lord Lor'themar Theron and returned to Quel'Thalas. Elistan opposed the pardon and attempted to assassinate Izulde. The next several weeks are shrouded in some mystery but ended when Izulde appeared at the Netherholde at the head of a contingent of Phoenix Guard and arrested Elistan for treason. Elistan was found dead within his cell under the Sunfury Spire days later and his murderer has not been brought to justic.

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