Eleeria "Eldriana" Silverwing
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Allegra Fairlight (adopted sister)
Vanaal Silverwing (father)


The Sunguard, Pathfinder Division
Silver Eye


Neutral Evil


Lady of the Fairbreeze Cove
Waywatcher Assassin

Eleeria Silverwing is the current Matriarch of House Fairlight, Lady of the Fairbreeze Cove, a noble estate in northwest Quel'thalas. Holding power under the assumed name of Eldriana Fairlight--a name stolen from a dead heiress to the Cove during the Third War-- Eleeria is a thief and contract assassin for the third-party rogues' syndicate, the Silver Eye. Her reasons for joining the Sunguard are as of yet unknown.

Currently, she serves as a Lightward, also by the name Eldriana, in the Pathfinder division of the Sunguard, under Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm and Spectre Esme Sunshard. Eleeria serves as a dual-wielding rogue and Waywatcher Assassin, relying on subtlety and poison to dispatch her foes, and prefers to avoid direct combat.

Appearance Edit

A small, sharp woman, Eleeria is incredibly petite in both height and frame. Although slim, she carries a muscular upper body, the product of hours of training in the practice yard. Eleeria embodies the idea of artful mess: her long, strawberry hair is generally pulled back from her face in a messy bun, shorter bangs flipping to the side carelessly. The rogue is often seen without shoes on, and many of her gloves have the fingers cut out of them. She has three piercings in her right ear, the bottom one gauged: generally the gauged earring has a dangling component of intricate metal, which turns into a lockpick when she needs it to be one.

With deep-set, darker green eyes than most Sin'dorei, Eleeria’s frequent smiles almost never reach her entire expression, leaving her looking calculating and suspicious, even when she seems her most innocent. Her facial expressions seem to change with the tides, never quite settling on one or another; Eleeria is a jumpy person, and can be hard to settle down, always shifting.

Across her stomach are four large scars: one stretching across her right side and onto her back, one vertical on her left side, and one that sits directly below her belly button, completely horizontal in nature. The fourth is incredibly new, still red and slightly swollen. Claw marks rake her entire midsection, as if some large beast intended to rip her in two. The smallest hint of glowing, interconnected runes sticks out beneath her shorts on the inside of her left thigh.

The only particularly remarkable thing about Eleeria is her lack of a left hand: the rogue's hand is cut off at the wrist, leaving long scars stretching up her arm. When in battle or attending official Sunguard business, Eleeria can be seen sporting a magical left hand: a druidic replacement that reacts to her innate magic, allowing her to function as normal in everyday situations and in combat.

Early Life Edit

Eleeria was never a wanted child. Born to Alara, a former prostitute who had married one of Silvermoon’s less than honorable rogues, Vanaal Silverwing, the child was thrown away nearly the moment she was born. Scared of her husband’s abusive behavior and never wanting to be a mother, Alara attempted to be rid of her newborn baby girl by depositing her in an alley garbage bin, fleeing the city, and her husband, for the foothills of southern Quel’thalas.

The cries of a small child attracted shadier members of the Silvermoon populace to the location. Eleeria was found and subsequently raised for much of her young life by Ahno’mera and “Rose”, two prostitutes and life partners who could not turn away from the suffering of one so small. A relatively peaceful life awaited Eleeria for the first twelve years: although living from hand to mouth, stealing to supplement the meager income of her pseudo-mothers and getting much of her knowledge from the streets of Murder Row, she was happy and content. As she grew older, the similarities between Eleeria and Vanaal-- who frequently visited the brothels and shadier establishments of the city -- were undeniable. However, although he kept an eye on the child, Vanaal was completely uninterested in raising her.


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That changed, however, when his daughter showed signs of interest and skill in his trade: the dispensing of contract killing, or the work of an assassin. At the age of twelve, Eleeria murdered for the first time: killing a man who had attempted to kill Ahno’mera, breaking into their home and assaulting the older woman. Vanaal realized that his daughter had a knack for the family trade, and swiftly snatched her from the hands of the women who had cared for her previously. Eleeria was swept into efficient and brutal training with her father’s guild, the Silver Eye -- a third party organization responsible for the contract killing of figures across the Eastern Kingdoms. A loving person, Eleeria swiftly grew to idolize Vanaal as both a father figure and an assassin; the young girl turned down the opportunity to study magic (for which she had no small skill), claiming her only desire in life was to be just like her father. Instead, she dogged his footsteps, learning quickly and excelling in the art of killing.

Career Edit

Eleeria quickly established herself as both an illusionist and infiltrator: her money was earned most through

the high-profile killing of magical or otherwise established figures. Eleeria became a wanted personage not just in Silvermoon, but also in Stormwind and Lordaeron, for murder and actions against the State. Eleeria’s name was echoed with groans across multiple provinces. After disestablishing a prominent Stormwind rogue’s guild from the inside out, the woman swiftly grew to become both powerful and rich by maintaining a position as the second-in-command of the Silver Eye: a dangerously egotistic combination. This prestige and fame carried on for many years, allowing her to accumulate a powerful amount of private wealth. All of which, she hoarded famously, becoming known as quite the greedy person in her highest points.

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Along with her best friend, the two assumed the names Eldriana and Allegra Fairlight: two wealthy heiresses of the Fairbreeze Coast, a small, but potentially prosperous noble estate in Northern Quel’thalas. Together, the two assumed the identities of the deceased other women after the Third War, stealing the entire estate, along with its titles. The two still hold the province to this day, and have brought it to great and prosperous success.

But the ego of power swiftly caught up to her. After several botched assassination missions: such as the destruction of a ship and its entire crew in a catchfire explosion in Stranglethorn Vale, and a two-year stint in the Lordaeron dungeons (which Eleeria to this day, believes was set up by a backstabbing member of the Eye), her days of glory came sharply to an end. In an attempt to redeem her good name, her father -- now the head of the Silver Eye -- procured a subterfuge mission to the heart of Orgrimmar. Accompanied by a woman named Linnea Ray, a human also associated with the Eye, Eleeria was sent to acquire State plans of warfare and other important documents directly from the orcish government.

Unfortunately, the mission was a complete failure. Stabbing Eleeria in the back, Linnea stole the documents for her own personal gain, pushing the sin’dorei rogue to the mercy of the orcish Horde. However, with her lack of information about the use for the documents and the tenuous relationship between the Horde and Quel’thalas at the time of the plot, the Orcs decided to simply torture her to the point of uselessness, chopping off a hand in retribution for the mere attempt and shipping her back to her homeland -- certainly, they thought, she would die before she got there. It is uncertain how much time Eleeria spent in Orgrimmar prior to stumbling, emaciated and missing a hand, out of a portal to Silvermoon.

It was publicly assumed, until her reappearance in the criminal underworld in Legion, that Eleeria Silverwing died in Orgrimmar. In reality, Eleeria spent the years leading up to her joining of the Sunguard in an intensely depressive state: locking herself up in the Fairbreeze Cove, the woman surrounded herself with vices, in many ways attempting to drown herself in her sorrows repeatedly.


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The Sunguard Edit

At this time, Eleeria’s reasons for joining the Sunguard are largely unknown, although she has frequently mentioned that her sister - an Emberward in the Suncaster division - convinced her to join. Eleeria’s relationship with the Guard has been tenuous at best, characterized by a series of unfortunate events that generally ended with violence. After stabbing Synthiel Cloudseye during a sparring practice, leading to a prolonged infirmary stay, and insulting several members of the Guard, her relationship with her superiors is incredibly rocky, and they are frequently not on good terms.

During the War against the Bleeding Eye in Northrend, she participated in the army of Highlord Arandur Brightsword, serving as one of the few scouts attached to his forces. Eleeria also participated in routing the Kul Tiran pirates who attempted to steal from the Sunguard's forces, and aided the refugees of Light's Glory by serving (perhaps uncharacteristically) in the local soup kitchen. Eleeria created a troupe of small children, too suspicious and wary of the adults of the Sunguard to willingly receive help. The children devoted themselves to her, training as rogues during her stay in Light’s Glory. Additionally, she served as a rogue under the command of Zalin Shadowsunder in his trial of leadership, aiding in the restoration of the Awakened Mind to their new home.

Although the campaign was bumpy for the rogue - narrowly escaping punishment for several infractions - she emerged from the Field of Woe and the battle in the necropolis unscathed, at least physically. Mentally recovering from the trauma of watching Dawnward Caeliri Dawnsworn die and resurrect repeatedly in front of her with no way of aiding the small girl, Eleeria has spent the past few months prior to the Legion’s incursion attempting to regain some sense of the person she was not only before the Winter of Woe, but also prior to her prolonged stay in the Orgrimmar dungeons. In Legion, Eleeria’s motives remain publicly unknown. Although some Sunguard members have caught her in the Uncrowned’s headquarters, and frequently in the Underbelly’s seedier bars, the woman appears to be working publicly for the Wardens, eliminating grave threats to the progression of the fight against the Legion. Presently, she drifts between the Fairbreeze Cove and Dalaran as time allows, managing her estates from abroad as well as at home.

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