Eclipse Theatre
Eclipse Theatre


Theater and Concert Hall


Western Silvermoon City




Theatrical plays, Solo and Orchestral Concerts, Dance, Spell-dance



The Eclipse Theatre was formerly a theatre and concert hall in western Silvermoon City. It has since become a ruin teeming with wretched. 



Commissioned by a long dead noble house of Quel'thalas, this old theatre was constructed in western Silvermoon City following the events of the Troll Wars. Documents in the Sunfury Spire indicate that few humans were involved with the construction of this building and left their mark upon the interior designs.

It is a theatre of archaic taste, with a strong sense of history and the bygone alliance between the quel'dorei and humans from ancient times.

Current state Edit

The Eclipse Theatre fell to ruin after the Scourge Invasion  and the razing of Quel'thalas. The theatre is now home to a small group of wretched who have managed to hold out against attempts of the theatres reclamation.

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