Dusk Priest

Dusk Priests are phenomenon found almost exclusively within the Priests of Belore. They are the product of rigorous training and rituals turning awry. The essence of the light priests is to shepherd lost and wandering souls into their final rest. They live within the thin veil of the spirit realm and the physical one. Dusk Priests, while realistically dwell within the same confines, embrace the darker parts of the human spirit.

One in one hundred Priests of Belore might walk the path of shadow. Dusk Priests are often looked upon with distrust as they seemingly embrace the worst of humanity. Within the Dusk Priests that darkness manifests into powerful shadow magic which is used to combat the many threats within the Emberlight. Most Dusk Priests, once identified for their talents, are taken to the Netherholde, the ancient fortress of House Netherstar, to be properly trained in the art. This rigid conditioning helps teach these wayward shadowmancers the finer parts of the art.

There seems to be some latent connection between Dusk Priests and the Mandrakes which plague the misty vales of the Emberlight. While the two seem to live within the same world of darkness, they are mortal enemies. Mandrake seek out and feast upon Dusk Priests’ umbra. Perhaps this is because the shadowmancers carry within them powerful magics, or perhaps it is the Dusk Priests alone that can spot the haunting possession of a mandrake on a mortal soul.  

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