Drissa Firestorm
06 - Art Commission - Drissa Netherstar converted
Artwork by nnamier


Blood Elf

Noble House(s)

Adoptive: House Netherstar
Marriage: House Firestorm

Maiden Name



Lady of Shallowbrook




Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The New Horde
The Sunguard


Vynashel Sunblossom (Biological Father)
Annelise Tal'therin (Biological Mother/Deceased)
Valeesia Sunblossom (Biological Sister/Deceased)
Vaelrin Firestorm (Spouse)
Izulde Netherstar (Adoptive Father)
Aeriana Thelryn (Adoptive Sister)
Raserus Tal'therin (cousin)
Demanto Ebonwood (Spouse/Divorced)



Drissa Firestorm, née Netherstar is priestess currently serving within the ranks of The Sunguard. She is the last surviving child of Vynashel and Annelise Sunblossom and the adopted eldest daughter of Lord Izulde Netherstar.

Known for her warm smile and bubbly personality, this peace loving healer has turned her abilities to aiding and assisting those who would defend her beloved homeland. Drissa currently holds the rank of Dawnward within The Sunguard, acting as a member of the Dawnmender unit led by Warden General Annekka Lightweaver. She also holds the seat of Headmistress of the Thalassian Academy, a position gifted by the Archon Felthier Truefeather.


Soft and silky curls are easily the most noticeable feature of the priestess, though they are often found to be wild and unruly depending upon the activities of the day. The auburn tresses fall so that they frame the young woman's delicate features in a graceful, artistic manner. However, even while tamed the silken curls manage to retain their bright, perky bounce even when mostly controlled by the well thought out ribbons or barrettes.

Wide, doe-shaped eyes contain a bubbly sparkle that seems to be near impossible to extinguish. Beneath the woman’s verdant gaze lies a slight sprinkling of freckles just barely visible across the bridge of her nose. Pink rosebud lips round out the warm, friendly features. 

On most any given day tiny golden hoops could often be found in the lobes of her ears while the holes in the upper cartilage sit empty. A delicate locket is visible on her person at all times – regardless of the affair. A silver peacebloom stands in contrast to a gold background. Upon inspection it would seem that the piece is quite likely, far older than the young woman who wears it. Often the mender's seemingly tattooed fingers can be seen to reach for the piece in an effort to draw strength from the jewelry.

By her side hangs a finely stitched new satchel made of thick black wool. Attached to the front flap of the bag is an aged pin crafted in the shape of a peacebloom. The accesory is ever present, filled to brim with everything she might possibly need..... and then some. 


Born the youngest daughter of a supposed Thalassian sailor and his wife, Drissa had a realitively quiet early life. Unbeknownst to both Drissa and her elder sister Valeesia, the most interesting fact of their birth was that they were of mixed parentage - both common and noble. Her mother had been graced with the luck of a high birth only to have it all stripped away by the Patriarch of House Tal'therin, Lathion. It was a harsh punishment, laid down in response to Annelise's refusal to accept an arranged marriage to anyone other than her love. Without much more than a few pieces of gold to their name, Annelise and Vynashel had opened a small herb shop in Farstrider's Square and it was there that Drissa spent the entirety of her young life, growing up alongside her sister, Valeesia. 

The two girls were as thick as thieves growing up, often into some sort of mischief especially when paired with the boy down the street, Merin Fairgaze. It was in Valeesia's early twenties and Drissa's early teens that the pair's path began to separate, the elder Sunblossom daughter electing to lift a sword and shield where Drissa preferred to follow in the footsteps of her gentle mother, assisting those who could not afford medical care or helping out around the shop. Throughout the years it was often just the three women of the household due to Vynashel's frequent calls to sea but over time that shifted and young Merin became a regular staple of the household, attached to Valeesia's hip and eventually proposing the idea of marriage.

This quiet day in, day out routine was one that lasted for nearly a century - all the way up until the Fall of Silvermoon City. It was then that the quiet peace that was the constant of Drissa Sunblossom's life shattered with the death of not only so many Quel'dorei, but her beloved mother as well. The days following the fall were a blur but that did not keep additional losses from hammering down on the two young flowers - not only was Merin nowhere to be found but Vynashel had disappeared after being informed of his wife's death, forcing the two girls to fill in more than one empty grave upon their return to the sacked city. 

Valeesia's training shifted along with many of the other paladins of Silvermoon, focusing upon becoming something new, something different - Blood Knights. While her sister trained relentlessly, Drissa was left to her own devices, eventually finding a place for herself as an acolyte within one of the city's temples. Over time, things returned to normal for the sisters - or as close to normal as one could expect following such trauma. Valeesia rose in rank, eventually shipping off for Northrend to chase down the Lich King and get her chance at revenge only to find something else entirely - a familiar looking face staring at her from across a command desk shared with a Knight of the Ebon Blade, while Drissa herself remained behind to train and dream of reopening her mother's shop. Eventually the Lich King fell and Valeesia returned home, Merin once more at her side. It seemed all would be well.... Then came the Shattering. 

With a world in chaos, Valeesia and Merin were ordered to the frontlines of the Firelands to fight Ragnaros in his own plane of existance, to end the fiend once and for all. In one of the opening pushes of the great battle, a surge of flame and molten fury claimed the lives of not only Valeesia and Merin but their entire unit as well. Drissa filled two more empty graves, this time on her own. 

Lost and confused as to just what to do with herself then, Drissa threw herself into the healing arts, into sharing the truth of the Light with any who would listen. This would go on to have yet more dire consequences for the young woman but looking past the tragedy... It would be the beginning of the grandest adventure of her young life. 

Marriage - A Beginning and an EndEdit

Shortly after returning to her own home from extensive care by the Temple she herself had trained in, Drissa met a young rogue by the name of Demanto - D for short. The two had a whirlwind courtship that came to a head shortly after the Battle of the Scar which Drissa participated in as a voluntary mender at the request of [Vaelrin Firestorm]. A hasty wedding was performed by none other than the Captain himself aboard his ship shortly after their engagement was announced. Immediately following their marriage papers were filed for the adoption of a young boy - Deriva - who had been found by men in Demanto's service. Things would not remain happy for long as things took an immediate turn for the worse when Demanto lost his sight during yet another campaign - this time waged against the Night Elves of Feralas. Lashing out at all who surrounded him, his Syndicate fell apart and Deriva was expelled from the house, though rumor has it the priestess herself remained in steady contact with him for some time after until the young man's disappearance. It all came to a head after one fated trip to Hearthglen and then a mad dash across the globe to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Few know what happened during that two day sprint and Drissa plans to keep it that way. 

Three months later Drissa made a return to the city and filed for divorce on the terms of irreconcilable differences and abandonment. The divorce case was kept out of the courts and the files were sealed away immediately upon conclusion by an unnamed magister of the court. 

A Fresh StartEdit

With her divorce finalized, Drissa turned her attentions to the beloved friends who had stood by her side throughout it all. The need to protect and shield them overwhelmed and soon had the priestess signing her name to enlistment papers for the Sunguard. Since then it has been a steady rise through the ranks to the position of Dawnward. New friends have been made, new family discovered right along with the return of the old - her father. His return however, wasn't enough to stop the young woman from signing over lands and titles she had been gifted in exchange for a noble name and dowry large enough to restore a fallen house to grace. Like her mother before her, Drissa put her everything on the line in the name of love and happiness.... Now it is all up to fate.

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