Dretharius Highfury
Art by Mooglet23



Place of Birth

Highperch, Quel'Thalas

Noble Houses


Military Titles





Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
House of Ravenbough

Known Family

Rahsaen Highfury (brother)


Chaotic Good



Dretharius Highfury was raised like most Sin’dorei, growing up to the teachings of nobility. Great things were expected of him, even at a young age. His time growing up was spent being properly educated on the role his father played. Not only was he supposed to succeed his father Dratheyan when the time came, he was supposed to provide for a family and for the owner of the land they lived upon. For roughly two-hundred and fifty years Dretharius questioned the importance nobility, second guessing every lesson learned and every order taken. Dretharius was a grown man, and yet he was never given the option to find his own purpose. His fate was bestowed to him upon birth and he believed himself cursed, though he accepted this fate nonetheless. Dretharius Highfury was to live and die a noble man, atleast until the news of his mother’s pregnancy became apparent. He was less than enthusiastic, knowing well that his younger sibling would be given the opportunities he never had.

The months passed quickly, though it wasn’t until the moment his brother took his first breath that Dretharius made his first decision independent of his family’s guidance. Approval wasn’t necessary any longer, and so he packed his belongings and left. As far as he was concerned, his newborn brother Rahsaen was his father’s heir. Dretharius was far from inexperienced when it came to combat, and he figured the best way to serve his people would be to enlist himself into the military. When the time came, the once indecisive Elf was more prepared than he had ever been in his entire life. Dretharius served diligently, content with fighting off the Amani and keeping them at bay.

It wasn’t until after the Scourge Invasion of Quel’thalas that Dretharius finally returned to Highperch. All was gone and destroyed, save for his brother Rahsaen. Dretharius decided it best to remain at his brother’s side for the time being, hoping to mend his previous defiance. Together they rebuilt their home and decided it best to let their nobility pass with their predecessors. Under Dretharius’ guidance, Rahsaen chose to enlist as well. For a short period of time, they fought together to reclaim their lands. With the addition of the Blood Knight Order to the Sin’dorei military, however, the brothers parted ways once again. Dretharius’ arrogance wouldn’t allow him to wield any sort of magic.

After countless battles to rid Quel’thalas of the Scourge and Amani threats to Quel’thalas, the Sin’dorei gained entrance to the Horde’s political table. Dretharius wouldn’t settle for peace in his homeland, however, and now that his people were members of the Horde, the warrior enlisted himself into the Horde War Machine. From then on Dretharius has been stationed in combat ready outposts during each of the Horde’s major war efforts. It wasn’t until the continuous battles over Wintergrasp in Northrend, however, that Dretharius made a name for himself.

Since then, Dretharius made certain to be placed in the heart of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. A part of him still held on to the mistreatment of his people at the hands of the Alliance, though his main driving force was simply battle itself. To this day there hasn’t been a time that Dretharius was able to settle into a normal lifestyle. He thrived during times of war and made an oath to himself; He wouldn’t pass in the comfort of a home. He’d die bloody on the field of battle and awaits the day that a war comes worthy enough to take him.

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