The Diremoor is a massive wetland to the northeastern shores of Zul’Gamni, Zul' man. It is most well known for the spiders that produce the venom Nightshade. Due to its heavy canopy, the wet floor of the swamp is almost always shrouded in darkness. The nature of the moor makes it extremely difficult to navigate and protects some of the inner tribes of Zul'Gamni from invades.

During the Invasion of Zul Aman, sin'dorei hosts of The Sunguard, House Netherstar, and other allied forces pressed into the moor to deal with the combined forces of Amani Trolls and the Zandalari Warband. Archon Felthier Truefeather states that the Diremoor took more lives then the battles with the trolls due to disease, dangerous fauna, and of course the massive spiders that produce the deadly toxin of nightshade.

After the fall of the Bleeding Ziggurat, the Diremoor is home to many of the remaining northern amani tribes. The massive citadels of Zul'Gamni have fallen to the Cult of the Bleeding Eye and their undead hordes. Overall, the inhabitants of the Diremoor are hostile to any foreign visitor.

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