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The Dawnmenders are a subdivision in The Sunguard composed of Paladins, Priests, Monks, Shamans, and Druids. They are the division of dedicated medical personnel devoted to the protection and well-being of the Sunguard and its charges. They are skilled healers in their own rights and their goals are to provide mending in times of critical need and to counsel waylaid soldiers.

Diplomacy is relatively under their scope of interests as well. They have served as invaluable diplomats in the many engagements the Sunguard has had, and their skills have gathered them a great many allies to support the Sunguard's cause.

The Dawnmenders are headed by Cere'thien Blackwood, Greenseer and High Confessor. Current second in command is Sunward Elleynah Stormsummer, the Oracle. Both work together to ensure a seamless support at all times.

Medical Dress Edit

The Dawnmenders are expected to dress a certain way when they are within the infirmary healing wounded soldiers. They wear Runecloth Robes and black boots. The color of their sash is up to the individual to choose.

Dawnmender dress

Dawnmender Uniform by Westlynn

Active Roster Edit

Despite what is suggested by their unit name, the Dawnmenders are not solely beholden to the Light and it's varied shades in their practice. Among the menders there are those more skilled with a surgical hand, or in-tune with the whisper of the wind through the trees, or those who dip their fingers into darkness to command wicked powers in the service of the greater good. In the grand nexus of the Dawnmender Archives lives an active roster of all these menders, available to other Dawnmenders at all times, and their fellow Oathsworn by request.

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