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House of Blacksquall
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

Dawnbreaker Anchorage is the largest settlement found within the Emberlight. It also serves as the central hub of trade and commerce. Seated upon the Blacksquall Delta, the port straddles the large delta valley and allows inward trade into the Inner Vale. It hosts a moderate merchant fleet that reaches all along the Eastern Kingdoms. While Dawnbreaker Anchorage is an old city, it is relatively new in comparison to the other more prominent locations found within the Emberlight. Serving as the ancestral seat to House Blacksquall, the port shares the same religious fate of its commanding family. This religion, known as the Cult of the Bloodied Squall, worships primal sea gods found within the Veiled Sea.

The city is moderately wealthy and most of the buildings are well maintained. It pales in comparison to other great works of architecture found within the Netherholde or Silvermoon City. Due to its size and population, however, it is one of the largest settlements found within southern Quel'Thalas. Most buildings are capped with domes or tall slender towers. Vines often climb the white marble stone walls and courtyard and the city is divided into several hundreds of canals that maze its way through like streets.

While the city has a noble family, Dawnbreaker Anchorage primarily is ruled by a guild of powerful merchants who take up the majority of governmental affairs within the city itself. At the heart of the city is a tall singular tower known as the Needle, which doubles as a great lighthouse and fortress. The city also supports one of the only schools of hydromancy outside of Kul Tiras. Disciples of this school of magic are known as Squallshapers. Merchant companies often employ them to increase the sailing speed of their ships and to prevent turbulent waters.

Because of religious differences between the Cult of Belore and the Cult of the Bloodied Squall, people of Dawnbreaker Anchorage are often mistrusted by the other denizens of the Emberlight. House Blacksquall has often quarreled with the overlords of the Emberlight, House Netherstar, for dominance.

Dawnbreaker Anchorage supports a small standing military force that primarily serves as the naval authority of the Emberlight. They also specialize in the taming and breaking of Bleaklight Hydras which they use in warfare.

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