"We bear the Heart of Magic, like our father before us."

Cryalgosa, Matron of the Roost


Blue Dragon (Elder)




Cryalgosa's Brood
The Awakened Mind


Lawful Neutral



The pragmatic and enigmatic Matriarch of the Roost, Cryalgosa is the daughter of Malygos, and sister to Senegos of Azurewing Repose. An ancient, and noble dragon, she has protected the ley-caverns of her mountain since before recording, isolated save the company of her consort, Everagos, and her many children. So it would have remained, save the attack of the Legion.

Now beset by the Forge Camps of the Legion, she must channel all her immense power into the protection of the ley caverns, her children, and the last hope of the Blue Flight, her daughters Sianigosa and Eyragosa-- both of whom are very precious to her, for reasons her own.

Loyal to her kin and supported by her beloved, Everagos, she rules the mountain as the Lady of Winter, and one of the last guardians of magic.

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