Counter-Raid of Zeb'Alor
Conflict: Tensions Between Oakbough Outpost and Zeb'Alor
Date: 4th of September, 499 K.C.
Place: Zeb'Alor, Quel'Thalas
  • Genocide of Zeb'Alor
  • High Elven Victory
  • Belligerents:

    Trolls of Zeb'Alor

    High Elves of Oakbough Outpost

    Commanders and Leaders:

    Chieftain Zul'Qeeju

    Corporal Thanidiel Highdawn


    Estimated 35 Forest Trolls

    18 High Elf Soldiers, 10 Civilians

    Casualties and Losses:

    Estimated 35


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    Relative Situation of Oakbough Outpost and Zeb'Alor

    The Counter-Raid of Zeb'Alor was an engagement between the raiders of Zeb'Alor and the defenders of Oakbough Outpost, rallied by Corporal Thanidiel Highdawn. A supply-raid by Zeb'Alor forces earlier that night wrought the death of an elven woman bearing child amongst six other fatal casualities out of a population of twenty-eight elves in Oakbough Outpost. Incensed, Corporal Thanidiel Highdawn along with two stationed squads of Farstriders disobeyed military-command of Ranger-Captain Goldentree and set out after the retreating raiders.

    As ten raiders rested at the river-junction separating the two settlements, High Elven forces ambushed them and quickly cut them down to the last man. With no history of such aggressive retaliation from Oakbough Outpost, the Forest Trolls of Zeb'Alor expected no threat and much of their fighting force were killed either in their assault on the Outpost or in Corporal Highdawn's swift and vicious counterattack.

    In forty minutes' time, High Elven forces reached the village of Zeb'Alor: full of the young and the elderly with a sparse defending-force. High Elven forces penned the settlement, pushing the troll population into the center of their settlement and engulfed the village and its surrounding forest in a ferocious blaze of arcane-nature.

    Corporal Highdawn's forces returned to Oakbough Outpost that night with a long-pike stacked with the heads of their enemies and all of the provisions stolen by the trollish raiders. The next morning, Corporal Highdawn was demoted to the rank of Lance-Corporal in the Thalassian Army and relocated to Quel'thalas' southernmost outpost of Phoenixview.

    Oakbough Outpost faced little to no threats from Forest Trolls since then, growing into a healthy town in the midst of Quel'thalas' frontier. In the Southern provinces, Thanidiel Highdawn earned the moniker, Terror of Zeb'Alor, a title both respected and shamed that makes its way to the lips of gossiping Blood Knights and travelers from those parts.

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