Lightward Corran Autumnlight
Art by bryborg





Place of Birth

Autumnlight Village


Lightward of the Sunguard
Lord of House Autumnlight
Phoenix Guard


Phoenix Guard
Crewman on The Bloody Lily
Thalassian Marine (former) Thalassian Office of Naval Intelligence (former)


The Sunguard
The New Horde


The Holy Light


Maevrille Autumnlight(Wife)
Orias Autumnlight(Father)
Maralise Autumnlight(Mother)
Emariel Autumnlight(Sister)
Leyannah Autumnlight(Sister)
Alene Fairwind(Aunt)
Serinda Fairwind(Cousin)
Mirax Fairwind(Cousin)
Tallisibeth Fairwind(Cousin)


Lawful Neutral


Blood Elf

"Come cheer up, m'lads, 'tis to glory we steer-"

Corran Autumnlight is a Blood Elf warrior in the Thalassian militia known as The Sunguard, as well as a Silvermoon Inquisitorium Phoenix Guard. Formerly a lieutenant commander in the Thalassian Navy's Corps of Marines, he suffered a severe injury that nearly cost him a leg during the opening battles to secure a foothold on the Isle of Thunder in Pandaria and was medically discharged from the Navy for treatment and recuperation that lasted almost a year and a half. Upon his recovery, rather than re-enlist in the Navy, he chose to aid the Sunguard in their battle against the undead at the Dawnspire, and now serves as a Lightward in the Sunguard's Sunspear Battalion in addition to serving as a marine on the Bloody Lily under Captain Esme Sunshard.

Appearance Edit

Taller than most at 6'3", handsome and certainly more powerfully-built than the average sin'dorei male, Corran appears every inch the scion of a Thalassian military tradition dating back thousands of years of quel'dorei history. Short, shaggy jet-black hair tops a square-jawed face usually found set in an amiable grin. His skin is a dark shade of cocoa brown, but his most unusual feature is his eyes - thanks to the rarity of his actual visits to Silvermoon City between his career in the Navy and spending most of his off-duty time in the remote Autumnlight Village, his eyes never completed the change to fel-green as with most sin'dorei, instead ending up stuck at an odd shade of seafoam green, teal with a heavy dose of blue.

A thick, laid-back rural Thalassian drawl is carried in his deep, resonant baritone voice.

History Edit

Personality Edit

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