Clash of the Battlescar
Previous: Siege of Northwatch Hold
Place: The Battlescar, Southern Barrens, Kalimdor.
Outcome: Horde Victory

Grand Alliance

  • League of Lordaeron
  • First Regiment
  • Lineage of the Moon
  • The Sha'nash
  • Sanctum of the Nocturne
  • Clergy of the Holy Light
  • The Tainted Legion
  • Grey Haven
  • Silver Shield Company

New Horde

  • Dominion of the Sun
  • Hand of Vengeance
  • Kor'kron Legion
  • The Sunguard
  • Burning Tusk Tribe
  • The Antu Bloodguard
Commanders and Leaders:
  • Commander Kerdic Lothinil
  • Commanders Maxen Montclair and Salley Poe|Salley Montclair
  • Priestess Anamaleth Mistbloom
  • Commander Dralosa
  • Shield-Elder Regg Corinthal
  • Ranger Captain Ereb Faroth
  • Sovereign Tendael Dawnlight
  • Warlord Kamiane
  • Archon Felthier Truefeather
  • Doctors Ivan & Seleste Felsorrow

100+ Alliance

100+ Horde

Casualties and Losses:



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The Clash of the Battlescar was an escalation of the trench warfare between Desolation Hold and Fort Triumph. Vyper Treaty forces, returning from the Siege of Northwatch Hold, attempted to disable Fort Triumph to gain unchallenged access to Duskwallow Marsh. A number of Alliance volunteers came to participate in the battle, but were unable to stop the Horde from advancing.