Cidfidus Dawnseeker, was the former High Priest of the Priests of Belore, a semi-religious faction of light weilders found exclusively within the Emberlight. Even as an elf, Cidfidus was known to be ancient. Having been blind since birth, Cidfidus perfected the ability of the trance, allowing him to use the Curse of the Fade to enter a semi spectral realm of spirits. There he was able to commune with the latent departed souls clinging to the vales of the Emberlight. He was known to be fatherly, caring, and a man of tremendous honor and integrity. He was the personal instructor to the children of House of Netherstar, teaching them histories and instilling within them a great sense of leadership and morality.

Cidfidus was slain during the Battle of the Outer Vale, when the Cult of the Bleeding Eye attacked the Heartsong Shrine. In his dying breath, Cidfidus summoned the spirit of a Mandrake to intervene in the battle. This revealed that Cifidus had the abilities of both a Priest of Belore and that of a Dusk Priest, making him the only man in the order to carry the abilities of both. Without summoning the Mandrake, the soldiers sent to rescue him and others within the shrine, the Sunguard would have been slain.

His passing was mourned by all within the Emberlight and his spirit was invoked by Izulde Netherstar during the Festival of Masks, which was noted as a tremendous honor.

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