Cidifidous Dawnseeker was the former High Priest of the Priests of Belore. He was born three hundred years before the opening of the Dark Portal in Heartsong Village. There he founded the Heartsong Shrine and through his tutelage trained and adapted hundreds of new priests. Throughout his life he has also served as a teacher and adviser to the many noble houses of the Emberlight.

Cidfidious was known to be a respectful man of exceeding modesty and wisdom. He was renowned throughout the province of being incorruptible and just. During his tenure as the High Priest, the Emberlight knew little impact of the curse of the Fade, the prevailing malicious hex placed upon the province. He also personally saw to the defeat of several more powerful Mandrakes. He was slain during the Battle of the Outervale, where it was revealed that he also held powers of a Dusk Priest. Agents of the Sunguard were not able to save him from his murder at the hands of a powerful Lich. In his final moments, he sacrificed himself by giving his spirit to the Fade. This act ultimately drew the attention of several powerful mandrakes which came and slew the Lich within the Shrine. Cidfidious is known to be the only Priest of Belore to also be able to channel shadow magic as a Dusk Priest.

His position has not yet been replaced.

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