Carisan Silverblade
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Place of Birth:

Suncrown Village, Eversong Forest


Blood Knight


Combat Medic, Front-line Soldier


Kingdom of Quel'thalas, New Horde


Holy Light


Solsona Silverblade (Mother, deceased), Morgavh Sha'dien (Father, deceased), Maelys Dawnsurge (Husband, deceased), Idalia Silverblade (Daughter, alive)


Neutral Good



Carisan Silverblade is a Blood Knight in service of a Thalassian militia known as the Sunguard, offering her skills as an experienced combat medic. A mother of one estranged daughter, this stoic healer offers little of her past, but much of her time and dedication to her patients. In the last few years Carisan finished her Blood Knight training, trading in her priestly robes for a suit of armour and her staff for a greatsword.

Appearance Edit

With a weathered gaze and a scarred face, this giant of a Sin'dorei cuts a striking figure.  She stands at six feet and eight inches tall, towering over most blood elves. However, she does not hunch or attempt anything else to diminish her height, often standing proud and tall. Despite her height, she moves with an easy grace, though it is less so when encased in her armour. Her dark hair is often pulled into a tight ponytail, held together by corded leather, leaving only a few short strands to frame her face. When worn loose, the thick mane tumbles down to her shoulder blades. A thin scar, one of many marring her face and body, nearly cuts into her narrow, oval-shaped eyes. These bright fel green eyes are quick to study any who comes close to her.

The Blood Knight keeps her full lips painted a rich, red color, and these naturally arch downwards, giving her the appearance of a permanent frown. Her broad nose has clearly been broken several times, and unfortunately in one of them was not allowed to heal properly, leaving it at a semi-awkward angle. Small, delicate garnets encased in thin strands of gold hang from her earlobes, which match the larger jewel she wears encased in a delicate choker of red lace and gold filigree.

What little of her dark brown skin can be seen from her armor is either scarred or covered in tattoos.

The armor she wears is tempered and strong, with surprisingly little ornaments, for a blood elf. Protective runes have been etched into her black and silver armor, encased in a faint coating of gold to add style to function. Outside of her armor, her figure is heavily muscled, and her large, calloused hands can wield her greatsword with ease. 

Carisan has multiple tattoos on her body, many of them spread out over her frame. Over her left shoulderblade, etched in lilac ink, is the shape of a spider viewed from above, its delicate legs stretched and fangs relaxed. Just beneath her collarbone is tangled line of thorny flowers and golden leaves that crosses from her left to her right. The rest of her tattoos are simple protective runes, though the abstract lines are nonetheless beautifully done with a white ink.

History Edit

Born and raised in Suncrown Village, Carisan’s parents insisted their daughter study under a local priest of the Church of Holy Light. Wanting a better life for their only child, the family then moved to Quel’thalas in order to finish Carisan’s studies. Eventually, Carisan broke away from her controlling parents and moved back to Suncrown, where she then married her childhood sweetheart and had a child together. However, her husband was eventually killed during an Amani skirmish, leaving Carisan to care for their young daughter alone.

The family’s woes did not end there, as Arthas’s rampaging Scourge took many lives, including most of Carisan’s friends and family. She struggled to protect her daughter, though by now the little girl was a grown woman.

In the aftermath of the attack, the relationship between mother and child grew more and more strained, and by the time the Sin’dorei had acquired a new source of magic, the two had gone their separate ways.

When the Blood Elves tentatively allied themselves with the Horde, Carisan was quick to sign up with the Horde war machine, participating in various campaigns. She took part in the Northrend campaign, where she was stationed in Zul’drak and later on Storm Peaks. During the Cataclysm, she was reassigned to the Tol Barad Peninsula. When the Horde stepped foot in Pandaria, she was relocated to the Jade Forest. However, growing discontent with the Horde war machine made her resign, though she did participate in the Thunder Isle assisting the Sunreaver forces. Eventually, she returned to Silvermoon City, though feeling as if she was left without a purpose. There, she heard of the Sunguard and their efforts to restore Silvermoon and protect the Sin’dorei people. Feeling hopeful once more, she quickly signed up and has since served as both healer and front-line soldier.

Personality Edit

A rather serious Blood Knight, Carisan is a veteran of multiple wars, and it shows in her personality. She is very practical and reserved, speaking little of herself. However, she has excellent bedside manner for her patients, showing them a softer, gentler side as she tends to them.

Images Edit

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