'Captain Firewing and the Hag of Undergallow' is a book centering on Captain Adelaid Firewing. A bored, snarky, and clever man who has grown tired of his success and begins to seek out adventure- and in doing so sets off a series of events that he might not be able to stop in time...

Written by Sym Brightarrow. It was released to

Excerpt Edit

There was once a pirate elf by the name of Captain Firewing. Captain Firewing was the Captain of the 'Why' that terrorized the waters from here to Lock Modan. For years Captain Firewing had terrorized his foes in the name of Quel'thalas but late he had grown tired of pillage and plunder. Not wenches, or ale, or gold cheered him. So the Captain decided he would go after the biggest myth to exist. For are not myths stories with a grain of truth? So the Captain choose to go after the dreaded sea hag of Undergallow.
Undergallow was the cove where the sea hag lived. It was said to be only visible beneath Elune's light and hidden under where the sun set every night...."- Except from Captain Firewind and the Hag of Undergallow

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