Bleaklight Hydras are massive sea monsters of eight snapping heads who serve an instrumental purpose in the Cult of the Bloodied Squall. They live off the coasts of the Emberlight and Murkcrest Isles along the coastal shelf feeding off rays, sharks, and squid. Bloodied Squall priests capture Bleaklight Hydras and draing them of their toxic blood. There they use it in instrumental rituals and blood magic. While this practice is seen as babaric by the others within the Emberlight and beyond, the priests know the power within these creatures also runs in Drakos itself.

In times of war, these massive sea beasts are used as living sea weapons, a practice similarly used by naga warriors. Bleaklight Hydras are not consumable due to the highly toxic nature of their blood and the sinewy muscles that are neigh impossibly to cut. Its said that consuming droplets of their blood can cause hallucinations.

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