The Blacksun Gate
Blacksun Gate


The Emberlight


House of Blacksun




House of Blacksun
The Sunguard
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Blacksun Gate is an ancient and magnificent fortification built between the Whitescar Mountains to the south and the Alumeni Mountains to the north. The fortress sits on a mountain pass that is ten miles in length, and is the largest fortification found within Southern Quel’Thalas. The gate has a reputation mythic reputation as it has remained unbreachable for almost five thousand years. The Blacksun Gate separates the less populous Outer Vale of the Emberlight, and the more populated Inner Vale and serves as the primary bulwark between the Emberlight and Zul'Gamni. Its purpose has been tested many times and the power of the gate has broken many raiding warbands of amani trolls. The fortress serves as the ancestral seat of the noble House of Blacksun, which constructed the fortification after the conquering of the Emberlight.


Housing almost seven thousand soldiers, the Blacksun Gate has a fulltime standing fighting force. All citizens within the dominion of House Blacksun are forced to serve compusolry service. Citizens have military service that lasts for twenty five years on and twenty five years off. The first expectation of military service begins when a citizen turns twenty five in age. There are no exemptions from military duty and those who attempt circumvent service are held in contempt. Those who attempt to dodge drafting are often executed. These long deployments have interesting impacts on the local populous. Population increases will often spike after the end of duty services where a both parents and children will often rejoin the wall’s garrison at the same time. House Blacksun traditionally does not export goods, services, or resources, but instead uses its elite fighting force to be the primary army in the region. There are only a few exceptions where House Blacksun has been engaged in military activities outside the Emberlight. They have both occurred recently in its cooperation between House Netherstar and the thalassian militia regiment of the Sunguard.


Standing at almost a hundred feet high and fifty feet thick, the inside the walls of the gate is a labyrinth of rooms, armories, barracks, and other accommodations to house such a large army. The gate also extends into the sheer rock face of both mountains where the Blacksun family makes their personal lodgings. All noble houses of the Emberlight pay a tribute of food and funds to support the gate’s upkeep which allows the soldiers to focus primarily upon their duty. Able to defend itself from a prolonged siege, the battlements are lined with numerous weapons used to defeat attackers. These include powerful ironclaw ballistae, trebucets, and a detachment of dragonhawk riders.

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