A Besaron(male) or Besari(female) is the thalassian equivalent to the rank of Baron, a title used in southern lands to indicate landowners and members of the lowest rung of nobility. Despite their placement, Besarons are not be discounted, as they are plentiful and in their greater numbers they are powerful. Besaron titles can be purchased through multiple means, just as land can be purchased when it becomes available. A wealthy merchant, dutiful knight, or seasoned magister can purchase the title of Besaron with gold or suitable renown. They have nominal duties to greater lords within a given area and maintain a household guard of men-at-arms or perhaps other knights. Generally, Barons sit within the House of Commons, within the Thalassian Senate. Besarons are not traditionally hereditary titles, but they may choose to pass it down to a child if they so wish. Such arrangements are ultimately tied to the ownership of land and are generally not protected by thalassian law. A Besaron's income will generally consist of a single village or multiple hamlets and affords them a reasonable manor house.

Notable Besarons: Edit

Knight Captain Esme Sunshard of Shallowbrook

Lord Felonarias Ravenbough of Highperch