Battle of the Dawnspire
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Campaign: Invasion of the Dawnspire
Place: The Dawnspire Quel'Thalas
Outcome: Decisive Sin'dorei Victory

Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
House of Truefeather
House of Netherstar
House of Blacksun
House Sunblade
House of Silvermourn
House of Sunstriker

Cult of the Bleeding Eye

Commanders and Leaders:

Archon Felthier Truefeather
Highlord Arandur Brightsword
Warden-General Annekka Lightweaver
General Ashgar Ironfist
Lord Izulde Netherstar
Lady Idrya Blacksun
Lady Shanaal Sunblade
Lord Solnis Silvermourn†
Lord Andarion Sunstriker
Lady Azriah Thelryn

High Necromancer Akhlain
Lady Gravebane†
Ronald Royce†
Kelendar Ebonscream
Astrid Darkheart†


15,000 Sin'dorei
500 Orcish Mercenaries

29,000 Undead

Casualties and Losses:



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The Battle of the Dawnspire, was the climatic end to the several month long Invasion of the Dawnspire which followed the Invasion of Zul'Aman. The battle was a tremendous undertaking, where the Cult of the Bleeding Eye brought their full force against the Dawnspire Citadel. The battle was ultimately ended when the corrupted valkyr Astrid Darkheart was slain by Cere'thien Blackwood. Despite the narrow victory, the battle cost the lives of thousands of sin'dorei warriors, drained the Dawnspire of its resources, and nearly crippled the thalassian regiment known as the Sunguard. The siege cost the lives of several prominent noble members of Quel'Thalas, their armies, and completely extinguished the House of Silvermourn.

The Battle Edit

As the Invasion of the Dawnspire entered into its second month, the thalassian armies were able to secure several important victories and were forcing the undead to make a more decisive action. The High Necromancer of the Bleeding Eye ordered his armies to bring their full weight against the citadel. Summoning his forces, the Archon Felthier Truefeather gathered his generals and prepared for the defenses. To the west, Andarion Sunstriker held with Solnis Silvermourn against the command of Ronald Royce and the Deathguard Lady Gravebane. To the north, Shanaal Sunblade held against an onslaught of undead rangers attempting to scale the wall. To the east, Lady Idrya Blacksun and Lord Izulde Netherstar defended from fallen armies raised from the destroyed Crimson Fleet. Finally, at the center and the gates itself, the Sunguard positioned themselves to weather the greatest part of the onslaught.

The battle came to a head as Akhlain, the High Necromancer of the Cult of the Bleeding Eye, unleashed Astrid Darkheart against the Sunguard defenders. The battle raged for hours until Astrid was defeated by a combined force of Dawnmenders under the command of the Warden-General Annekka Lightweaver. Stripped of the power from the corrupted valkyr, the undead forces crumbled under the weight of the combined armies of Quel'Thalas.

Aftermath Edit

While the battle was one of many, it was the first time the Sunguard was able to deal a decisive victory against the Cult of the Bleeding Eye and robbed them of several powerful necromancers. While the battle was a clear victory for the armies of Quel'Thalas, the necromatic convens were able to raise several powerful generals into undeath, including Finnistan Truefeather who became the new High General of the scourged forces. The Sunguard would be unable to continue any offensive campaigns against the cult for many months.

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