Azaele Sunbinder






Lightward Sunbinder
Lady Priestess of the Ivory Sanctum


Jeweler, Battle-mender and Medic


The Sunguard, House Sunbinder


Lynandra Dawnsinger (Mother) Dhaeras Sunbinder (Father - Deceased)
Keltherin Sunbinder (Brother) Evisaria Felo'thiel (Sister)


No information



Azaele Sunbinder is a Lightward in the Thalassian militia known as the Sunguard. Though heralded as the pride of House Sunbinder, she is given little special treatment and is never absent when called for duty. Raised to be battle-ready and adept at bending the Light, she is a formidable Lightmender, both on the battlefront and at home.

She is known to be a popular socialite among the general nobility, and could be best known in Silvermoon as a high-end jeweler. Her work is also well known within the Ivory Sanctum as a dedicated mender and choir lead; both roles intertwine a great deal within the Dawnsinger estate.

Appearance Edit

Azaele has the appearance of a mature, professional woman, and often appearing rather intimidating when idle, as her face settles into an expression of bitterness while unoccupied. In conversation, however, she is engaging and humorous, though she may seem distant on a personal level. Her smiles are cheerful, gracing her face and its delicate features, and her laughs come in hearty bursts.

Despite her tall and slender physique, Azaele carries the musculature of a committed soldier; years of carrying heavy staves and numerous supplies and resources, as well as tireless running has the priestess sporting an athletic build. She carries herself with confidence, good posture, and with grace. Being born into wealth has conditioned her to walk like nobility, or as close to it as she can get.

Her hair is most often kept down, flowing in smooth crimson tresses to just between her shoulder blades. She avoids wearing hoods, but she may do so while running errands or on long days outside in sweltering heat. She rarely pins her hair back, but if things get hectic, she may pull her hair into a simple pony tail.

Azaele always keeps her appearance elegant and true to her line of work. Most often donning the colors of her people, reds and golds adorn many pieces of her armor and robes, accented with delicate embroidery and embellished with various gems. On her outfits more tailored for casual events, delicate gold chains are sewn into the fabric of her robes and glinting jewelry rests on her neck, wrists, hands, and ears.

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