The Awakened Mind


Orillion Starsurge




Moon Guard

The Awakened Mind are the remnants of the Highborne Moon Guard from the War of the Ancients that did not remain on the Broken Isles. Under the leadership of the ley-walker Orillion Starsurge, the Awakened Mind have completed a mass exodus from their city of Dor'Surma in Northrend during the Winter of Woe. They partnered with the thalassian regiment known as the Sunguard to resettle in the ancient city of Zin'Avashi. There, the shattered remains of the order cling to the ruins hoping against all odds that their way of life will not be snuffed out. Over time, their order has dwindled to the point of extinction, but with the discovery of an arcan'dor seed, a breath of new life and hope has swelled in their hearts.

The Awakened Mind carry the mantle and traditions of the ancient Kaldorei Empire and the magical prowess of the Moon Guard. They are both physically and magically impressive magisters, who specialize in quick and hard strikes.

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