Avie Sin'thorel
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Blood Elf



Place of Birth

Silverbrooke Isle


Lady Sin'thorel




The Blood Knights (formerly)
The Sunguard
House Silverbrooke
House Sin'thorel
House Sunspear


The Holy Light


Aron Sin'thorel (husband)
Caemenas Silverbrooke (father)
Anaeli Silverbrooke (mother - deceased)
Avari Sunspear (sister)


Chaotic Neutral



Avie Sin'thorel is the youngest daughter of the noble family House Silverbrooke. She and her older sister, Avari, were brought up in the Bay of Kinallen, located on Silverbrooke Isle off the west coast of Quel'Danas. Trained from a young age to be a paladin, she joined The Blood Knights as soon as she were able though left after a bitter argument with her father. Avie now serves under The Sunguard as a Lightward within the Sunspear Battalion.

A strong willed and determined head sits on her shoulders. She is stubborn if nothing else and often difficult to deal with. Her loyalty to The Sunguard is absolute and she will not allow herself to fail in her endeavors, no matter how unreachable they may seem.

Description Edit

Avie is short in stature, but well built from her years of training under sword and shield. She could be described as almost stocky, but she carries a classic hour-glass figure. Her height does not prevent her from carrying herself with pride, holding her head high against everything thrown at her. Her preference for taking blows meant for her allies means that her muscle tone is well developed, giving her some amount of bulk.

Born under the sun of Quel'thalas, she has warm brown skin covered in a smattering of freckles and hair a bright crimson colour. Her hair is thick and often pulled back into a high tail atop her head. Normally it is tamed by irons to keep it smooth and straight, though it curls tightly when left natural. Fel green eyes sit above high cheekbones and a wide set nose above thick, rounded lips. The tips of her ears curl in on themselves, a trait she has had since birth.

Having seen little real combat whilst in the Blood Knights, she bares few scars upon her skin, except for two overlapping sets of humanoid bite marks set deep into the crook of her right shoulder and a through and through hook wound on her left shoulder from an Abombination attack during the Winter of Woe.

Early Life Edit

Born into nobility, Avie was afforded a comfortable childhood. Though her family certainly weren't aristocrats, they held enough rank and funds to ensure they lived in what most would call luxury. When asked about her childhood, Avie will speak of it with the smallest twinge of bitterness. She was not the son her father had hoped for and so her parents educated her in things expected of both sons and daughters. Where her elder sister was given lessons in all the classical arts and taught of history, politics and languages, she was schooled in the arts of war. To ensure that there were no raised eyebrows about why a daughter was being trained to wield a sword, Avie was given lessons in basic common and violin, whilst also being expected to keep up with history and politics as she grew older.

At the age of 14, her family moved more permanently to their Silvermoon Residence so that Avari could persue her dreams of being a Magister more seriously, leaving her mother behind to manage the family estate. It was here her father began training her in earnest. Upon her 18th birthday, he enlisted her into the service of the Thalassian army under his own command. Due to her young age and relative inexperience, she did not serve any mentionable role during the Second War. She remained in their service until very recently.

The Scourge Invasion of Quel'Thalas Edit

As a serving member of the Thalassian army during the Lich King's invasion of Quel'Thalas, Avie was called to the defense of Silvermoon. She escaped any major injury as she was assigned to help evacuate civilians from the city and saw little of the actual fighting. Her most notable role within the invasion was commanding a small unit of foot soldiers and holding a defensive line outside the city walls during evacuation.

After the fall of Silvermoon, she remained behind in Quel'thalas while Prince Kael'thas journeyed to Outland to find relief for their people. During this time she aided in protecting refugee camps and with reclaiming and rebuilding efforts in Eversong.

With the arrival of M'uru and the promise of power, her father was recruited into the Blood Knights as a prominent commander, forcing his daughter to follow him into service yet again. She served within the Blood Knights as a protector of Silvermoon until recently. She was not involved in the purification of the Sunwell.

The Winter of Woe Edit

After a bitter argument with her father, Avie left the service of the Blood Knights and immediately joined the service of Thalassian militia The Sunguard. At the time of her joining the guard were on reprieve from their battle in the cold northern wastes of Northrend in the defense of Light's Glory.

Within her first week she committed herself to the tutelage of Zalin Shadowsunder in the hopes of becoming a Spellbreaker and saw her first real combat at the Battle for the Library where she sustained a hook injury through her shoulder.

Her contribution to the War and efforts in her training to become a Spellbreaker saw her promoted to the rank of Lightward in a ceremony to honor the Sunguard after their eventual victory over the Scourge forces.

Currently Edit

Immediately upon her return from Northrend Avie was called back to Silverbrooke Isle to tend to her ailing mother. Unfortunately, Anaeli Silverbrooke passed away after a short battle with illness leaving Avie to assume the mantle of Matriach of Silverbooke as acting head of the house in the absence of both her elder sister and father.

Once she were able, Avie returned to Silvermoon where she went on to aid Zalin in the recovery of the cursed sword that cost him his arm. She is currently on the Broken Isles where she journeyed to to return the blade to him.

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