Ambassador Asami Autumnlight
Asami gristol
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Place of Birth

Telmor, Draenor


Sha'tari Defense Ambassador
Ward of House Autumnlight
Emberward of the Sunguard
Magus of the Kirin Tor




The Sunguard
The Sha'tari Defense
The Kirin Tor
The Sha'nor (former)
Timewalkers (former)


The Light/Naaru
Guardian: O'ros

Living Family

Numerous, closest examples:
Spensaar (uncle)
Dekaar (uncle)
Adhikaar (uncle)
Shashibala (cousin)


Neutral Good

"A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot."

Asami Autumnlight is a draenei ambassador to Silvermoon City and Emberward of the Sunguard's Suncaster division. 

Description Edit

Tall and lanky with a moderately unimpressive build, at least for a female draenei, attractive but not an ethereal beauty by any stretch of the imagination. She keeps her dark-blue hair in a stylish, shaggy cut. Light-blue skin shows no sign of age, in keeping with how young Asami is and the overall agelessness of draenei. Her most outstanding feature is a liberal splattering of dark-blue freckles the exact same shade as her hair running across her nose, down her shoulders, down her tail, up her horns...

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Asami was born in Telmor, Draenor to Keirami and Joraam, both vindicators, slightly under a hundred years ago. She manifested a talent with the arcane at a young age (by lighting fire to her nursery carpet), and despite the previous unofficial moratorium on the training of arcanists due to the propensity of the Legion for tracking the exiles by their magical signature, it was decided that her training would proceed. At the age of twenty, she survived the unprovoked destruction of her hometown by Durotan the Betrayer and a kill squad of orcs because of said training, finding her outside the city practicing fire magic when the orcs attacked. She chain-blinked her way to Shattrath and safety and lapsed into a coma for several weeks, at which time she and a number of other wounded refugees were evacuated to Telredor.

Resistance Edit

After Shattrath was destroyed as well, the remaining draenei reformed from an active military into a resistance, striking back against the orcs where they could but mostly concentrating on the survival of the dwindling population. For the next fifty-plus years, the young arcanist apprentice served the Resistance with distinction, up to and including the ultimate attack that took the Exodar from the Sunhawks. She was aboard the ship when it took flight, and suffered severe injuries when it crashed on Azeroth, leaving her bedridden for several months and recovering for several more months beyond that. 

Azeroth Edit

As one of the younger, friendlier surviving arcanists, Asami was sent to Dalaran when it opened its borders to the public once again with the start of the Northrend campaign, as part of an exchange program. There were some annoying crossed wires regarding her age, with the 90-year-old draenei having been an 'apprentice' for 75 years, longer than some of the city's archmages had been alive - which led to hard feelings between her and her supposed teachers. She stuck it out regardless.

The Sunreaver Purge proved her undoing as a member of the Kirin Tor, at least for a time. With little understanding of Alliance-Horde politics, she misunderstood what was going on - thinking the Alliance warlock trying to take a friend of hers into custody was a brigand escaped from the sewers - and, when he (literally) fired first, she killed him in spectacular fashion. When the smoke cleared, they were unable to think of a reason to press charges, but instead chose to evict her from the city indefinitely.

She moved to Pandaria when the Timeless Isle was discovered and aligned herself with the Timewalkers to study the mysterious place, then eventually left following Garrosh Hellscream's escape from custody with aid from Timewalker leader Kairozdormu and joined the Sha'nor, a private defense militia operating primarily in Outland. 

Two Draenors Edit

Asami served the Sha'nor with distinction, developing the skills necessary for her to be an effective battlemage. Her specialization in time and portal magic led to an extensive study of the Dark Portal - and, unfortunately for her, led to her capture when the Portal was taken by Iron Horde orcs from an alternate timeway. She was captured, tortured, and ultimately rescued by Rangari, then reunited with her family - the alternate-timeway version of them, anyway.

After recovering, she chose to throw all of her energy into her battlemage training. She joined the Sha'tari Defense and was sent to Auchindoun for further instruction in martial arts and close-quarters combat from the monks and vindicators there.

The Sunguard Edit

Along with her uncles, Asami aided the Sunguard extensively in their Draenor campaigns, fighting alongside them in Talador and the Spires of Blood. When the war against the Iron Horde ended with the questionable choice to forgive Grom Hellscream for his genocidal campaign - the second one of its type she'd lived through - she requested a transfer, and, with the help of the Spensaar of the alternate universe, received an ambassadorial assignment to Silvermoon City, where she entered service to the Sunguard.

Personality Edit

Asami is friendly enough, but tends to be bemused or outright confused by a lot of behavior. She speaks decent enough Common, but she learned it from scholars in Stormwind and Dalaran and this has left her woefully underexposed to the wonderful world of colorful Azerothian metaphors, and she will frequently display confusion at simple cliches. She also tends to blink in an owlish manner when she's confused, amused, bemused, or any other sort of mused. She is generally cheerful and friendly, deeply respectful of her elders and superiors, but not afraid to let people know what she's thinking if her opinion is requested. She's slow to anger and doesn't fight easily, but when she does, she goes to the wall.  

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