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Aruenna Brightquill was originally the only child of poor miners with no name to speak of, who didn't even own the land they toiled on.  Through a series of events, happenstance, and sheer luck, Aruenna earned both her family name and a scrivenery apprenticeship within Silvermoon City itself.  Going from a poor worker to the 'big city' taught the young quel'dorei many harsh but vital lessons that would later serve her quite well - while her poor upbringing had also allowed her a number of otherwise impossible connections with the regular labours of the land.

Starting with just herself, and later adding on the skills and talents of her various husbands and their families, Aruenna slowly built up her name and it's reputation.  Her many children added to the pool of loyal talent, as did anyone that married into the family.

But simply artisanry was not enough.

Using her not inconsiderable social charm to reforge connections and make deals with farmers and suppliers in far-flung areas of Quel'thalas, the up-and-coming matriarch slowly built up a supply chain of goods and hawkstrider-drawn wagons - with herself at the helm.


A classic, willowy beauty of rich brown skin and golden red curls that reached down to her lower back.  Standing at five nine, with graceful limbs covered with faint freckles and long, delicate fingers, Aruenna was a striking figure to behold, even in the twilight years of her life.


While never reaching the nobilty in life, Aruenna was very much a lady, even without the title. Calm, poised, and formidable, she ran the Brightquill family toward success without opposition or discontent.  She was a beloved mother and grandmother with a mastery of the Mother Stare, and was just as likely to comfort a crying grandbaby as she was to snatch a full-grown child of her own by the ear for misbehavior.


The end product of a long line of bastard sons and wayward daughters, Aruenna was born into no name, no money, and no prospects for the future.

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