Arcane Bearers or The Battle for Giant's Fall is the Fith book in the Farstrider's Apprentice series. Preceded by The Icebound Magister and followed by The Warlock's Bane

It should be noted that during the writing of this book the author, Farstrider Sym Brightarrow, fell behind on writing the book after taking severe injuries during the course of his duties. Loyal fans offered donations for a Priest to help him heal fast but the Farstrider refused, requesting donations be made instead to the Farstriders. The book was released five months behind schedule.

Plot summary Edit

The book continues from where the previous book left off.

In The Frostbound Magister Alyndor and Jenyl had been captured and sold as slaves As time went on, Eve'lyn, Amadeus, and Magister Keleneth traveled across Northredn, killing the undead and seeking their apprentices out. They are now in Borean Tundra, ready to save their apprentices. But the Vyrkul that enslaved Alyndor and Jenyl have other plans.


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