Aluria Silverdawn, born to the prestigious House Silverdawn, was a former Lynx Guard and wife to Nathar Netherstar. Her marriage united the houses of Netherstar and Silverdawn which cemented the control the Netherstars had over the greater part of the Emberlight. She would later have three children, Maelith, Isha, and Izulde. She passed of old age fifteen years before the outbreak of the First War.

Aluria is remembered to being relatively unassuming and at times plain. She was fair of hair and complexion, but was known to posses a kind and easy smile. Her upbringing as a formidable Lynx Guard meant that she kept a strong muscular tone throughout her life, which was passed to her children.

A statue of Aluria can be found within the Netherholde, which at points embellishes her likeness.

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