Champion Aldonious Sunspear was the Master-at-Arms for the noble House of Truefeather and the founder of the Dawnforge. His duty within the Dawnspire Citadel was to train new fighting men and women, see to the procurement of weapons, and the overall defenses of the Dawnspire itself. Aldonious was a man known throughout Quel'Thalas for his exceptional loyalty and only second in skill to his battle-brother, Finnistan Truefeather.

Aldonious was known for his stern expressions but exceedingly generous heart. His service to the House Truefeather saw him raised up as a commoner to a Knighthood, allowing him to broker a marriage between his son, Tyril Sunspear, and Idrill Dawnveil.

The Sunspear Battalion was later named after him.

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