Aeleara Starwhisper
Aeleara Starwhisper






Stargaze Valley, House Starwhisper


Paladin, Musician, Seamstress


The Sunguard, The Silver Hand, The Argent Crusade


Solandis Starshatter, Aethenis Starwhisper (Father, deceased), Sildaria Starwhisper (Mother, deceased)


Neutral Good




Emberward, Crusader, Champion of the Dawnspire, Champion of the Silverhand, Lady Starwhisper.


Early LifeEdit

Aeleara Starwhisper was born on a snowy december night three hundred and thirty years ago to her parents, Aethenis and Sildaria Starwhisper. Together, her parents oversaw House Starwhisper, an estate that taught both the arcane musical arts. Her father was a devout paladin of the light that oversaw the musical arts, and her mother (profession?) oversaw the arcane arts. Aeleara’s older brother, Solandis Starwhisper, was the black sheep of the family, but was also the source of the family’s income. An avid treasure hunter, Solandis made House Starwhisper plenty of gold to afford their type of lifestyle.

When Aeleara was young, she had spent most of her life sheltered away. She didn’t care much for socializing nor leaving her house. Instead, she chose to arduously study music, her favorite instruments being the harp and the cello. On the side she practiced sewing, and had specialized in making extravagant dresses. She was never interested in being a hero like her father or her mother, but the light her father had used religiously had always piqued her interest. She was the jewel of House Starwhisper, or so that is what her parents made her out to be.

The Third War and the Silver HandEdit

Years upon years had went by. She continued to live her life peacefully until that one fateful day when the scourge marched through Quel’thalas. Aeleara had never experienced such fear before. She hid near the Arcana Spire with her mother and her father and had watched them give their lives to defend her. Her brother was nowhere to be found that day. If not for her brave parents, she too would have perished. She hid away deep in the valley for three days and waited for them all to leave.

House Starwhisper was left to Aeleara in ruins; essentially, she had nothing left. She frequently had pangs of intense fear as she explored the ruins of her once beloved house. The young quel’dorei paid her last respect to her parents before burying them. Nothing was left in the valley for her, save for two things that would later play a crucial part in her future: her father’s heirloom blade, Shodabease, which is as old as Quel’thalas itself, and his tome on the light. Aeleara took these two items and decided to run south, hoping that the paladins of the Silver Hand still lived. The girl thought that perhaps they could help her.

The journey south was long and grueling, but eventually she had made it to Lights Hope Chapel. She cried for help and was answered by a tall human woman clad in plate. Her name was Calaiya Hoffman, a knight of the remaining Silver Hand. The human listened to the elf’s pleas for help and decided to take her in as her own squire.

The two trained for years. Over the years Aeleara grew stronger.. She seemed to easily master the light, save for the healing aspect. For many years she remained stationed in the Plaguelands, attempting to clear out the scourge, left untouched by the fel radiation that now tainted Quel’thalas. She remained a squire of the Hand for a very long time.

Northrend and Return to Quel'thalasEdit

After the events of the burning crusade on outlands, a new threat arose on Azeroth. The Lich King had returned once more to wreak havoc. Most of the Silver Hand joined ranks with the Argent Crusade, but Aeleara and Calaiya had stood with the Hand despite this. The two were transfered to fight in Icecrown Glacier. Calaiya had became Aeleara’s commander, and subsequently promoted her to a Knight of the Silver Hand. Aeleara led a squadron of squires around the glacier, halting scourge operations and setting them back a great deal. One day, a blood knight sunk a blade in her back and left her for dead, but he had not expected her to survive. She returned to his tent days later and killed him in cold blood. This secret remains with her to this day.. Eventually, she had joined the assault on Icecrown Citadel and had helped in the fight against Arthas.

After the war in Northrend, Aeleara returned to Eastern Kingdoms and set out to adventure the world and help its denizens wherever she could. She spent many more years doing this and eventually had began to question why she was alive. She felt as if she had no purpose and decided to return home to Quel’thalas because of her nightmares:. she saw Silvermoon up in flames and its denizens terrified, shadowy demonic figures chasing them through the streets. This terrified her and gave her even more reason to return. Aeleara did not receive a warm welcome when she returned, as she was still a Quel’dorei.

The SunguardEdit

Her land still laid vacant and in ruins, she wandered the streets of Silvermoon for a while before a recruitment notification on a messageboard had caught her attention. The Sunguard were looking for able bodied people to recruit and serve for them to help defend their homeland. She had eventually answered the call and joined up. After proving herself to them, she had gained the rank of Emberward. She additionally won their yearly jousting tournament, becoming the Champion of the Dawnspire and continuing to prove herself to the Sunguard.

When the Legion invaded, she was the first to answer the call. She eventually became a Champion of the Silver Hand through her heroic deeds and allegiance to them throughout Northrend and beyond. During her time in the Sunguard, she also reobtained her lands, and now seeks to restore them to their former glory.

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