Actual Name:

Ykalei Oer'dia Linidelas


Stayin' alive


Pathfinder Emberward

Crewman of the Cursed Revenge

Trainee under Dawnward Shirexia Xasarda


The Sunguard

The Cursed Revenge



A dedicated crewman and person of simple pleasures, "Knives" is an Emberward sworn to the Sunguard- or rather, to her Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm first and foremost, everything else after that.

With an easy-going attitude, prone to flights of silliness and belligerence, she is a hardworking rogue with no further ambitions than a warm bed and warm women when she gets back home with riveting tales to tell.

Description Edit

The small rogue is almost always a blur of motion, half a step away from vanishing back into the shadows. Movement tends to be ever present, if not too noticeable- the twitch of fingers, rolling on her toes whenever she is to stand still for long. When she walks, it is with a swaying swagger that would be more at home at sea than on land, but is good enough to get her anywhere fast. Were that to fail, Knives will take to climbing and parkouring, efficiency taking priority to dignity.

True to her nickname, knives are holstered at her hips. The glint or form of sheathed hidden blades can also be seen at her forearms, calves, back and elsewhere... but usually, she does not take those out too often. Or not unless she were to be cleaning and sharpening her blades, as she is wont to do. Most of them are simple and utilitarian, if varied to fit many uses. Sometimes she has fancier blades on her, but it would be better not to ask about those.

Her clothing is leathers in many colors and styles, faded from use and salt. Everpresent is a mask, or some other way to conceal half her face. Dreadlocks are spilling out of whatever she uses to cover her head half the time, bedecked in colorful beads, threads and hidden blades.

Her skin is of a dark brown color, deepened further by the hours she spends in the sun. Mostly unmarked- or so most people have attested to- she more than makes up for the plainness with dark warpaints coloring what can be seen of her face. Apparently, her strategy for 'hiding' is to be far larger than life is meant to accomodate for in looks.

Personality Edit

Dutiful if cavalier, "Knives" is a shady figure that seeks to act approachable. Far from learned, she nonetheless has street smarts and practicality as her core.

She is far from reserved, eager to talk and boast of events that may be based in reality and flirt with most people. Her charm is a rough one, from someone who does not care for fanciness nor mystery beyond what keeps her safe. Flexible by nature, she will go wherever the wind blows and the gold shines.

She is foul-mouthed, as expected from a sailor, but only rarely will she indulge in truly virulent tirades. No need, when she can stab most nuisances.

Fighting Style Edit

She is one to rely on speed and surprise more than anything. While far from fancy, "Knives" knows to ambush and how to find a weaker spot regardless of where it might be located. And once her strikes are done, to vanish again as soon as she is unengaged, rinse, repeat.

Knives are the only thing she carries, albeit in multiple shapes and forms. More than that is something she simply has had no training with, and while she has taken up to training with Dawnward Shirexia Xasarda, a renowned Duelist, a sword is out of her budget.

History Edit

Prior to the Cursed Revenge Edit

An eldest daughter to a simple dock worker and crewman by the name of Jerral Linidelas and an estranged ex-ranger by the name of Ellilana Irigoyen, she grew up with little but reckless adventure and peril. While nothing was far from the norm- wandering trolls, bandits, ill luck at sea when fishing- she was still one to pick to fight rather than flee, and to obtain what she wanted at whatever cost. Her half-cared for duty to keep her little brother Theren safe would prevent her from being a complete hellion, and her disdain for most form of power would keep her mostly within her small seaside town by the south eastern shores of Quel'thalas, almost to the side of the Amani Empire.

As soon as she was capable of assisting the family in more than keeping stock of the run-down fish shop and petty thievery, she was signed up with her father and brother to man larger vessels of some merchant or another, eventually graduating to being on her own on larger ships. Formal records will show an Oer'dia Linidelas aboard the Golden Trout, her second name a more masculine one to keep her identity hidden from the other superstitious seamen and to appease a flight of fancy of her mother and the vessel one among many merchant vessels of a once-particularly wealthy cartel.

Pirates would eventually capture and take the Golden Trout, her bounty and supplies taken and most sailors either captured or killed. The then-younger Ykalei rather chose to run and fight, using her smaller size and mobility to evade death or capture for as long as possible. When she was caught, eventually, rather than be put to the sword she was given the option of serving for the crew of "The Cursed Revenge":

Needless to say, she took it.

Post Cursed Revenge Edit

After the Cataclysm hit, and the once-plentiful band of pirates was scattered and slain, Ykalei (now "Knives", to keep her identity more protected) found herself aboard a small boat alone and near enough to Booty Bay to make it a 'safe haven'. Not confident enough of her ability to remain concealed at dock for long, she would jump aboard whichever crew would agree to take another hand on board for whatever task- from menial to renowned- and then changing crews upon arriving to a new port.

It was only when she reached Gadgetzan- a few weeks after the Cataclysm hit- with a crew of failed archaeologists seeking to profit off new discoveries that she found a more permanent crew. Nyssa Mes'aran, Dread Captain of the "Wave's Widow" and a hired mercenary for the Twilight Cult, would take in the flighty "Knives" aboard her crew promising wealth (or work), only to later turn in most new acquisitions to her contractors for use in their sacrifices or as cultists once the situation with Deathwing reached a critical point for his followers. Upon hearing of such plans, "Knives" fled again by sea, arriving half-starved to a town and too easy to profile as some sort of runaway. Her company- two other escaped Cultists, far from fanaticism or power- made her spend time swiftly in gaol.

She was condemned as a pirate, deserter and contract-breaker by Steamwheedle Cartel laws, sentenced to death by hanging, as well as a thief and various other minor offenses that were to be served by jail time or bail. With quick thinking, "Knives" posed as a "Oer'dia Irigoyen", threw one of her companions through the noose in her stead, then set her record to the flame and fled. It was again easy for her other companion to flee, perhaps to return to the Dread Pirate's service (since Nyssa was never caught herself, nor cared for the escapes once she had delivered) or elsewhere, but they would be the only ones to know of her risky escape.

For Ykalei's part, she would take a handful of names and ply a handful of crafts to escape, first to Orgrimmar by sea and then to the Undercity by zeppelin to avoid any further contact with those that had jailed her. And upon hearing of her once-Captain Blackjack, she immediately sought to return to his side. Fair service and a life of action were something she enjoyed, and his current occupation as Ranger-Captain of the Sunguard would make it a safer haven for her than most.

Current Edit

She simply is an Emberward, more concerned with her still-standing duties on board the Cursed Revenge than any call, but eager to answer any challenge to fight.

Her training under Dawnward Xasarda started with a desire to clear her name somewhat, by deed if not formality, and take up more utility in the Sunguard than as a ship person.

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